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  • Dajudge06 @ Dajudge06:
    for the most part i pretty much never use them online, stuff like dark souls ill turn my stuff off when i get invaded so that im not "one of those" lol
  • MrAntiFun @ MrAntiFun:
    what i was trying to say cheating in games even in multiplayer isn't the same as piracy
  • Dajudge06 @ Dajudge06:
    oh, gotcha, the page popped up as i loaded a trainer so i only saw that last half then. i mean i used to do that stuff when i wasnt working and even bought the games i actually liked. though with how the game industry is going i might have to again just to try before i buy
  • Dajudge06 @ Dajudge06:
    oh and epic games just on principle till they release on steam
  • Dajudge06 @ Dajudge06:
    The opinions held by me are not those held by MRANTIFUN and associates lol.
  • dannyyee888 @ dannyyee888:
    Morning all n maf
  • Guber @ Guber:
    Does the WeMod thingy mean that trainers no longer will be released on this site, does anyone know?
  • Guber @ Guber:
    and if it all moves to WeMod, then do we simply pay the 5$ there instead of to Mr.Antifun?