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  • W @ WeMod_Chris:
    @Titustan MAF has already said he releasing trainer the old way takes way too much time and he is not interested in going back to that. As I stated before, if you guys actually tell us what doesn't work we will fix it but if you just keep saying "it doesn't work" or "there are issues" that doesn't help us at all.
  • Orionshee @ Orionshee:
    Good afternoon team, I have a question: Can any of you help me understand what the "Unlimited Skill Points" cheat for NBA 2K20 is supposed to do? I can't actually see that it is doing anything at the moment.
  • Orionshee @ Orionshee:
    Not too much activity in chat anymore, I see.
  • ExtremeTea @ ExtremeTea:
    Yeah, It's sad when I scroll up and still see my own comments.
  • MrAntiFun Chat Bot:
    MrAntiFun has started a new thread called "Zombie Army 4 Dead War Trainer" in Trainers.
  • Orionshee @ Orionshee:
    This, at least, has been a very negative effect of the wemod partnership.
  • Jessi @ Jessi:
    An update for Synthetik Legion Rising would be lovely.
  • MrAntiFun Chat Bot:
  • dannyyee888 @ dannyyee888:
    helo everyone..chris wemod..founder are you all..china in red alert..plague..i hope you all guys wear mask ok..drink more water..china is not well..take good care you all..m ok
  • Ankiplank @ Ankiplank:
    The long dark is fixed to 1.74 now =) pls update
  • Ronhis @ Ronhis:
    @dannyyee888,glad to hear your ok, seems a bit rough in parts of china at the moment, only 3 cases here so well under control.
  • dannyyee888 @ dannyyee888:
    Hi ya tq are you..use hoarding begins..we are at the worst since cny2020..curfew like is dead..karma comes to china cos of eating wild life..i are you all..wemod chris n founder maf...
  • H @ hank266:
    Dont wory so much. When its time to "go" its to to go. Just follow and enjoy^^
  • dannyyee888 @ dannyyee888:
    True ..its deeply in trouble ..when thy are killing the wild animals...its karma
  • EnterpriseNL @ EnterpriseNL:
    China already in Quarantine?
  • dannyyee888 @ dannyyee888:
    yes it is..since from dec 2019...60k infected 3k dead
  • MrAntiFun Chat Bot:
    MrAntiFun has started a new thread called "Daemon X Machina Trainer" in Trainers.
  • SonicB0000M @ SonicB0000M:
    How come the Windows store game pass gets hardly any love?
  • SonicB0000M @ SonicB0000M:
    Things like children of morta
  • boner479 @ boner479:
    Because a good portion of the games install to a place that's under lock and key
  • JaqenHGar @ JaqenHGar:
    Wolcen is sooo much better then Path of exile/Diablo3...
  • JaqenHGar @ JaqenHGar:
    hope new update for wolcen coming soon.
  • dannyyee888 @ dannyyee888:
    morning all n maf...chris wemod...seem games been late..any way i m back to curfew..i do wish this blog in full go ahead on games update..founder maf..have you hear about new koei game romance of the 3 kingdoms 14..any plans to ***** it in table..founder
  • Starkou @ Starkou:
    Wemod is a shame, i prefer to support mrantifun than you, me need to pay just for voting, and with that, no certitude to have a trainer, go to the hell, you have destroy the first trainer community in the world, just for a simple message we need to pay, for voting we need to pay, it's a total scam