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  • dannyyee888 @ dannyyee888:
    Hi helo maf..nice to see you there..Ya may I ask any updates on pathway..yet
  • AutoKing93 @ AutoKing93:
    patiently waiting for zanki zero ;)
  • MrAntiFun @ MrAntiFun:
    @AutoKing93 will check it out today
  • RMX052 @ RMX052:
    @MrAntiFun hey, can you update Kenshi trainer? It seems little bit outdated, ty <3
  • G @ giogio91:
    jump force
  • SpetznasMC @ SpetznasMC:
    @MrSkaizo Where would one post a thread to request features to be added to a trainer?
  • MrSkaizo @ MrSkaizo:
    @SpetznasMC I believe it's in update request section or for among donors just in donors request .
  • SpetznasMC @ SpetznasMC:
    ty :=)
  • Onyx_XIII @ Onyx_XIII:
    Is it makes sense to wait trainer for Save Koch?
  • ExtremeTea @ ExtremeTea:
    Can ya check out the game I requested please?
  • Dune Drifter @ Dune Drifter:
    thank you for Winkeltje (little shop), it works beautifully
  • SpetznasMC @ SpetznasMC:
    i know you work hard Maf, and i know you just made the trainer but is there any possibility that you will add an Oil resource cheat for Anno 1800?
  • MrAntiFun @ MrAntiFun:
    @SpetznasMC isn't resources included with resources cheat?
  • SpetznasMC @ SpetznasMC:
    Heyaa Maf, all resources works awesome except for oil :p
  • SpetznasMC @ SpetznasMC:
    when i activate your trainer which works well oil doesn't change.
  • B @ By_Redline:
    @MrSkaizo Trainer update where to apply i don't know if i wrote a few places right
  • unreal4real @ unreal4real:
    I dont get it with Anno 1800.. u only need the money cheat.. everything else is no fun..
  • SpetznasMC @ SpetznasMC:
    Unreal each taste is different buddy :) for me oil is super annoying
  • P @ Prabash:
    call of duty black ops
  • Alascato @ Alascato:
    @MrAntiFun can u pls update Kenshi? the update doesnt work with the trainer
  • dannyyee888 @ dannyyee888:
    Hi maf..sifu how are you..sifu trainer any chance update on pathway game sir..Need a trainer..have done few in donor request..tq
  • MrAntiFun @ MrAntiFun:
    @Alascato is it beta update?
  • MrAntiFun @ MrAntiFun:
    @dannyyee888 will take a look at it