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  • dannyyee888 @ dannyyee888:
    Yes sir i did sir..i tested it sir..not working..i test in about the game..then usual..sir..stil not working
  • MrAntiFun @ MrAntiFun:
  • MrAntiFun @ MrAntiFun:
    Trainer works fine , there are 2 trainers one for chosen one for base game , get the right one
  • Abeloth99 @ Abeloth99:
    Mr. AF?
  • Abeloth99 @ Abeloth99:
    I read your update as to what you need in order for this to continue. Perhaps consider posting a goal or minimum of what we need to do as users to help. For example: $ x dollars per month = (subscription amount) etc. Also monetizing the site (ads etc) Would love to help but perhaps a strategy or system we can work with to help you out and therefore helping us out. Thoughts?
  • dannyyee888 @ dannyyee888:
    Thanks sir..
  • W @ Wuulfebear:
    @Abeloth99 as i said, i'm happy too.. thing'll be in turmoil for me for a while in December as my other half is going in for a heart bypass. But I'm happy to assist to continue with donations long as its to continue. Fearing a bit of putting money forward and then the following week it falls apart.. i've had it happen before. but if there is a reachable minimum per month, I'l lsee what i can do
  • Argent47 @ Argent47:
    is there a way to donate without patreon?
  • Guber @ Guber:
    I agree with Abeloth99 about setting a goal for what MrAntiFun needs to keep doing the good work here. I think it would also be beneficiary for people to know if we are getting closer to keeping you on or if you end up closing it down.
  • Major4x4 @ Major4x4:
    how do i fixe where evertime i get a trainer theirs nothing in the folder
  • MrSkaizo @ MrSkaizo:
    ^^ Could be many reasons why's that but most common sense in this, is the antivirus regarding behind false positive issue, so try to create a new folder where you gonna store trainers and add it to exception, else you could just try to turn off it when about to use trainers but that's gonna leave your PC unprotected for a while so it's up to you to be self aware around.
  • samlmc @ samlmc:
    Looking forward for the trainer update for SC2 4.6.2
  • MrAntiFun @ MrAntiFun:
    @samlmc updated.
  • samlmc @ samlmc:
  • dosumthangs @ dosumthangs:
    hello all. and thank you for all your work MR
  • I @ IcoVir:
    Has there been a consensus set if the website will stay on or when it will be taken down? Like a deadline for the decision?
  • MrAntiFun @ MrAntiFun:
    we reached 70% of our goal in few weeks , We will probably reach the goal set before the end of the year .
  • MrAntiFun @ MrAntiFun:
    Thank you everyone for your kind support .
  • failjob @ failjob:
    Hitman is on sale for 17 buck on steam right now
  • dannyyee888 @ dannyyee888:
    Morning maf n community..
  • yadira69 @ yadira69:
    Morning, buenos dias, buon giorno :)
  • ExtremeTea @ ExtremeTea: