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    Astroneer Trainer

    The newest Version 1.5.8 is not working with the fu ck ing wemod. if you press F2, F3 or what ever the button toggel for 1ms to "on" and in the same moment back to "off". Wemod is a shit software and dont work. Your standalone trainers was the best trainers I ever used but with your trainers on...
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    Subnautica Trainer

    please update to 62245 thx. Your the best
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    Rage 2 Trainer

    i have the same problem with the inf Gadget an Inf Upgrade Ressources. Dont work. all other works fine. can you fix it?
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    Astroneer Trainer

    yes have the same problem. pls insert inf resurce
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    Astroneer Trainer

    I have the same problem. And with the gases its the same. it would fill the container half and than it run and run and did not finish.
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    Astroneer Trainer

    can you add inf resources?? Thx
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    Foundation from Polymorph Games

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    Jagged Alliance: Rage! (REQUEST)