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Recent content by john croft

  1. john croft

    The Forest Trainer

    Doesnt work with the latest hotfixes, just crashes
  2. john croft

    Ghost of a Tale Trainer

    please update
  3. john croft

    Mages of Mystralia (Pc)

  4. john croft

    Just Cause 3 Trainer

    trainer needs updating, some enemies can still see and kill you, one of the rocket launchers only fires 5 rockets at once then jams due to cheat for unlimited ammo
  5. john croft

    Watch Dogs 2 Trainer

    Works great with CPY version
  6. john croft

    The Sims 4 Trainer

    trainer needs update please, cant use points
  7. john croft

    Shadow Warrior 2 Trainer

    Thanks alot for Skill points added :D
  8. john croft

    Mortal Kombat X Trainer

  9. john croft

    [REQ]Pinball FX2

    I was the same, i dont usually go for Pinball games but this one is well fun, Family guy is my Fav table :)
  10. john croft

    [REQ]Pinball FX2

    +1 id love a trainer with 99 balls etc
  11. john croft

    The Technomancer Trainer

    turn off easy craft!
  12. john croft

    Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition Trainer

    Thanks, works fine on win 10 :)
  13. john croft

    Dead Island Definitive Edition Trainer

    Omg thanks alot for this, works great :D
  14. john croft

    Dead Island Trainer

    Hope we get new trainer for Dead Island and Riptide DE games, with one hit kill :D