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Nov 22, 2017 at 6:28 PM
Apr 28, 2014
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January 29
you really don't wanna know

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Staff, Male, from MrAntiFun

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netflix and chill :) Aug 15, 2016

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Nov 22, 2017 at 6:28 PM
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    January 29
    you really don't wanna know


    Steam Group(MAFTS):
    List of All Trainers: click

    #1 If you are having a problem while downloading a trainer
    • Make sure you are online with your forum account .
    • Make sure you are allowing cookies in your browser .
    • Try different browser
    • Download the trainer using the browser download manager
    • Disable your antivirus , Sometimes antiviruses block certain links because of a "False positive"
    • If you get an error saying " Didn't Receive Data " or something similar, Please pause your antivirus .
    • If nothing works send me a message and i will provide you with a direct download link as soon as i can .
    #2 Some of the trainers use password to be able to activate the Trainer
    • Password is mrantifun.net
    • First you must start the game then start the trainer then enter the password then activate the trainer .
    • Hand write the password dont copy paste it .
    #3 If the trainer doesn't start up
    • Make sure your antivirus isn't blocking the trainer
    • Disable UAC
    • Run the Trainer as Admin
    • Rename the trainer
    #4 If the trainer disappear when extracted
    • This happens because of a "False positive", Fix your antivirus .
    #5 If trainer doesn't activate
    • Start the game first then start the trainer
    • In some games you would have to use the function in game before activating the related cheat ,e.g. shoot a bullet then activate unilimited ammo cheat.
    • Make sure the trainer was made for the game version you are using ,Many of the trainers we have work on multiple versions of the game however other games are version sensitive .
    • For any further support leave us a reply on the trainer thread .
    #6 General Trainer using advises
    • Make sure you backup your game save
    • Make sure you start game first then the trainer
    • Make sure you activate the trainer first before the cheats
    • Make sure you read the notices on the trainer thread
    • Make sure you never use any of the trainers online or for multiplayer gaming
    1)Sharing or talking about Cr@cked Games, Cr@cked Software , Anything Cr@cked or illegal isn't allowed at all and will get you banned.
    2)Watch your language , Any swearing or threats to other members or Staff members will get you a warning.
    3)The using of nude pictures in threads , avatar or signature isn't allowed.
    4)Keep religion out of the forums .
    5)You aren't allowed to use inappropriate nick names as a forum ID
    6) Sharing outside links is allowed but not very likable .
    7)Requesting or sharing cheats for multi-players Games isn't allowed .
    8)Always give credit where credit is due .
    9) Dont use huge pictures in signature or posts.
    10) p**n isn't allowed !.