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  1. BlouDrake

    Metro Exodus Trainer

    Omg the best thank you MrAntiFun
  2. BlouDrake

    Metro Exodus! (REQUEST)

  3. BlouDrake

    The Forest Trainer

    This is true. F1 just makes a peep sound even if i am in game. I move around hit stuff still makes a peep sound well pressing F1 after 15 seconds. So yes a update is needed
  4. BlouDrake

    The Forest Trainer

    The forest has had a update to V1.10 and the current build is 3383598 and the trainer needs a update please. Thank you
  5. BlouDrake

    The Forest Trainer

    My game and the trainer build is the same but if i use the latest trainer for the game and press f1 it just makes a beep sound and does not activate. I am in game and hitting things and picking stuff up. Still makes a beep sound. I dont know what i am doing wrong can any one help? please
  6. BlouDrake

    Warcraft 3 reign of chaos & the frozen throne trainer request

    Now i have seen a post one here about a trainer for this game. As i understand using a trainer in the single player campaign according to the post you can get banned. I have been using cheat engine in the past with no ban so far. So i am requesting a trainer for testing to see if there will be a...
  7. BlouDrake

    Ashes of the Singularity Escalation Trainer

    Nvm i tested it on dx 11 and it works but god mode still is not working. MrAntiFun can you please look into it
  8. BlouDrake

    Ashes of the Singularity Escalation Trainer

    Ty MrAntiFun
  9. BlouDrake

    Ashes of the Singularity Escalation Trainer

    V2.2 is out Trainer needs updating please MrAntiFun