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  1. Jane117

    They Are Billions Trainer

    worked for me has a delay for activating but non the less it did work. kinda wish it had "unlimited / unit hp cheat" but beggers and cheats cant be choosers.
  2. Jane117

    Raft Trainer

    New update 1.01 Also was curious on if you could add some features. 1 hit kill, Unlimited item durability, Easy Research,
  3. Jane117

    Raft Trainer

    It released today on steam can you update the trainer?
  4. Jane117

    [REQ] Train Sation Simulator

    Store Link: Cheats: Add / Unlimited Money, Happyness / mood dont decay, Nothing much else.
  5. Jane117

    Ylands trainer +10

    Made a Correct request post here.
  6. Jane117

    Ylands trainer +10

    1. you didnt follow the request rules so he wont. 2. I would like a trainer so i will make a request post.
  7. Jane117

    [REQ] Minion Masters 4.99 Unlimited : Gold, rubys, supplies, and such. Minions Immortal, unlimited card openers. minions 1 shot, exp changer / hack / cheat
  8. Jane117

    Zombasite Trainer

    There is patch 1.015 now i was wondering if you could update ( not that it doesnt work. ) but i dont wanna cause any bugs possibly using an old trainer.
  9. Jane117

    [REQ] Pixel Z Gun Day

    Link : Price 00.49 ( Currently on sale, Original Price 00.99 Cheats : God Mode / Unlimited Health, Unlimited Thirst, Unlimited Food. Edit / Add Items, Change Time Of Day, Freeze A.i, Mega Sneak,
  10. Jane117

    Yet Another Zombie Defense HD Trainer

    It works in multi but you need to be the host / leader of the match. Side note, Fast kill doesnt seem to want to activate.
  11. Jane117

    [REQ] Yet Another Zombie Defence HD

    Store Link: Cheats: Unlimited ammo, unlimited money, 1 Hit kills, godmode, unlimited barcades hp / hits taken, Price : $3.99
  12. Jane117

    [REQ] Elements: Epic Heroes

    Link: Price: 1.74 ( non sale price 6.99 ) Features: Unlimited health, Unlimited mana, Exp Cheat, Unlimited Health Potions, Unlimited Money, Unlinited Crystals,
  13. Jane117

    [REQ] Elite Danagerious

    I know the game is online and offline so what ever you can do then thanks, There is single player and multi player. • Link: • Price: $20.09 (current only sale $29.99 Original. ) • Features: Money Cheat, Energy, No overheat, Onehit, Godmode, Ship...
  14. Jane117

    [REQ] Total Annihilation

    The game already has cheats, as trainer isnt needed.
  15. Jane117

    [REQ] Shell Shock Live

    • Link: • Price: $6.99 • Features: Aimbot, AimAngel, GodMode, Edit Exp, Unlock All Abilitys, Shoot through land / Walls, Unlimited Items, Unlimited ForceField / Sheild, One Hit Kill,
  16. Jane117

    [REQ] Dungeon Defenders 2

    So before i post my thing i will state there already was a post for this game but no reply to it. So i am making an update request for the game. • Link: • Price: Free, $0.00 • Features: -------------- Unlimited mana points, Unlimited health...
  17. Jane117

    [REQ] HellDiver

    • Link: • Price: 9.99 ( 19.99 orignal ) Its on sale atm of this post • Features: Unlimited ammo, Unlimited health, Unlimited Skill points, level up, Unlock Items, Instant perk, Unlimited Call ins,
  18. Jane117

    The Binding of Isaac AntiBirth Trainer

    How do i get the health to work? All but health work?
  19. Jane117

    [REQ] In Exilium

    • Platform: Steam - • Product price: $3.99 • Features: Infinite Health, Infinite Money, Infinite Mana, Infinite Skill / Attributes, Easy Levels, Instant Level Up.
  20. Jane117

    Half Dead Trainer

    Thank you, Will love to try it out. Edit -- Some traps dispite throwing a shoe(s) in wont always go off seems to be for ice, and sludge traps.