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  1. Darkwolf0955

    Graveyard Keeper Trainer

    To anyone having issues with the trainer. It works on my end but the method that I did was Start game and load world. Start with the health cheat For the free building/quest reward cheat go to the first chest next to the house and then the chest by the tree to the south The cheats should be...
  2. Darkwolf0955

    Wargame Red Dragon Trainer

    Correction on my part. The trainer infact works When I launched it I was not in battle when activating all the cheats. Again THE TRAINER DOES WORK FOR CURRENT VERSION.
  3. Darkwolf0955

    Wargame Red Dragon Trainer

    The trainer still works, Tried it now and it works pretty well. As far as the first couple of battles were
  4. Darkwolf0955

    Total War Shogun 2 Trainer

    Only problem I have is that the game crashes when I load units onto a ship, a shame there wont be a new update because of the new VAC system. But who knows, maybe in time there may be a workaround.
  5. Darkwolf0955

    Hearts of Iron IV Trainer

    Super resources works at first, but after launching the game again and running through (With and without the cheat being active) my resources get cut back to normal and my production comes to a crawl due to the resources missing. Not too upset about it but I do want to point out anything I've...
  6. Darkwolf0955

    Sid Meier Civilization VI Trainer

    A page back I tested solely on fast production and what I left was the results, it is finicky on when it wants to activate or not even after a new game i will still go on with a default time till completion, other times after setting down a city the timer will be the same still but change a turn...
  7. Darkwolf0955

    Sid Meier Civilization VI Trainer

    Testing out quick production, about turn 60 and so on the cheat will cancel out and remain deactivated even after game restart. The other trainers will still activate afterwards. Will keep testing everything. Edit: Money and other cheats work fine after production canceled out. About turn 90...
  8. Darkwolf0955

    Tom Clancy's EndWar Trainer

    Thanks for the trainer! Agreed with Zeon, is it possible to get infinite CR whenever convenient?
  9. Darkwolf0955

    RimWorld Trainer

    All the cheats work well but Im confused on the heal injuries cheat, Before the new trainer my colonist would be just fine with the cheat on aside from losing a limb if a pirate takes out a limb by chance. Now it seems that everyone is unable to be injured. That is the only problem I see at this...
  10. Darkwolf0955

    [REQ] Tom Clancy Endwar

    I would like to see a trainer for the game here as well. Mainly the cheats that would stand out the most for me would be: Max CP Max Reserves Invincible Forces Max Credits Disable Defeat Timer (Possibly) It would be nice addition to the Tom Clancy list
  11. Darkwolf0955

    Total War Shogun 2 Trainer

    Yeah trainer at first would just crash the game a month plus ago, now the trainer just will not activate at all. Hopefully a new trainer update will come along soon enough.
  12. Darkwolf0955

    Tropico 5 Trainer

    1.08 actually does work but it can cause the game to crash depending on the cheats active, I tried the trainer with just the Population Happiness cheat and it crashed so I just activate the docks cheat and then disable after afew seconds. I did not test Freeze money or Swiss Bank. That is the...