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    Empyrion Trainer Update Request

    Empyrion trainer isn't working again Inf Jetpack not activating. Quickbar Items cheat isn't working Current game version is 9.6.0 2307 - current trainer version is 9.4.1 2288 thank you
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    [REQ] Out Of Reach

    its a good game tho the thread's untouched for a while.
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    Empyrion Galactic Survival Trainer

    Game version now 9.3.0 2209 - Inf. Jetpack no longer working.. rest seem to be.
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    Savage Lands Trainer

    thx for the update mate i'll have to check it in 2 weeks that's my next time off work for the next 2-3 days.
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    Empyrion Update Trainer Request

    tested the trainer.. NOPE definitely not working. its Version 9.1.0 2137 now
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    Empyrion Update Trainer Request

    Trainer is now on 9.1 thank you :-)
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    Savage Lands Trainer Update Request

    Heya MaF. I'm not sure what version Savage Lands is up to, but since the last trainer it's updated a good 10 times. I'm certain the last time I tried it it wasn't working which means its most definitely isn't working now with the updates that's happened. There was another update today (7th...
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    Hold Your Own now V6.01

    last trainer was 5.11.. new trainer required as the whole game has been completely remodelled.
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    Empyrion 9.0.0 2067 build update

    Current trainer is 8.7.1 - stopped working with the game update. (Also forcing a new game scenario since bases are 1/2 underground now also....)
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    Empyrion Update request

    Please update to 8.7.1 1909 - thank you. The 8.7.0 one is only beeping and not activating anything
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    [REQ] Out Of Reach

    bump again - being hopeful - yes its single player too now
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    Help me keep doing Trainers . [Important Announcement]

    I'll assist where i can. I just started a new job, my other half is going into for a heart bypass operation in December and that's going to be a huge strain for us (providing something doesn't go wrong on the operating table which is first and foremost on my mind at present). I'll be able to...
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    Alt trainer isn't working - does activate, however Stam and food still go down. Tested the game got killed by a pirate, so health also doesn't work. Please update.
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    Novus Inceptio trainer update request

    up to version 0.52.023 - 024. Put request up onto trainer thread a while ago - not sure if you saw it. :-)
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    P.A.M.E.L.A. Trainer

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    Planet Nomads trainer update request

    version is now 9.4.0 - put in a request update a few weeks ago. - not sure if you saw it.
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    Savage Lands - update request

    on build 32 atm... needs to be updated.. most options don't work. I did an update request on the trainer thread a few weeks ago not sure if you saw it
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    Stay Alive : Apocalypse trainer

    hrm i think this might be a dead end... we're in september now.
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    P.A.M.E.L.A. Trainer

    There's been a few game updates I've got that I'm waiting on. Savage Lands is build 30 now, Pamela obviously, Empyrion 8.6.1, Hold your Own 5.15, Novus Inceptio 52.023 -024, planet nomads 9.3.1, and so on... i've just stopped asking.