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  1. BoutTreeFitty

    Mist Survival Trainer

    Need a update, 0.2.5 <3
  2. BoutTreeFitty

    The Long Dark Trainer

    Mr. Already rolled out a freshum that works just perfect @Dauletkeldi
  3. BoutTreeFitty

    Will To Live Online Trainer

    you know in relation to these offsets, my cousin wrote a realtime overlay mapping program for everquest I have been using since 99. Can you modify that software for say a different game? perhaps this one ? @MrAntiFun
  4. BoutTreeFitty

    The Long Dark Trainer

    The link that takes you to his pantheon is the way you donate, u need a account, and u can pledge X amount, u can cancel immediatelyif u want a 1 time payment
  5. BoutTreeFitty

    The Long Dark Trainer

    lol seriously bro? This guy has devoted his life to us. Giving us malware. I don't think so, if you have never used a trainer before. They do give false positives to most AV Programs with that aside game is on sale till the 10th for 7.99 !!
  6. BoutTreeFitty

    Cheat Mist Survival Unlimited Resources/Gas In Can/Bullets/Perfect Durability (Cheat Table)

    great table, everything worked without any issue for me first try, i had already been duping ammo but not resources, tell me, have you figured out how to make more logs? that is one thing i cannot seem to figure out how to reproduce.