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Mod Alien: Isolation Cheat Mod.

Discussion in 'Users Submitted Trainers, Cheats & Mods' started by somethingelse66, Apr 18, 2015.


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  1. somethingelse66

    somethingelse66 Master Donor Donor

    Download Link.
    Virus scan. (URL)
    Virus scan. (File)

    What the mod does:
    -Health and regen upped so that only alien + scripted events can kill you.
    -Carry/stack limit raised for everything.
    -Crafting produces every single item and many of them at once: Ammo, molotovs and pipebombs from medkits, flashlight batteries, crafting resources-- You won´t run out of things again.
    -Mini Security access tuner game with timelimit and symbolmatching made easier.

    Readme file included, but here´s install instructions:
    Simply merge the DATA folder provided (inside the Mod folder) with the DATA folder in your base game installation directory
    Steam/Steamapps/Common/Alien: Isolation/Data

    I have provided the needed folders located inside the data folder, for smooth merging and installation, you should simply get a prompt to verify overwriting your existing .BML files inside those folders.
    I have provided backups, but incase you want to back up the original BMLs in question, feel free to do so.
    And as a last resort, use the Steam feature to verify integrity of game cache, if you wish to bring the game back to its unmodded state.

    Fun fact:
    As I edited the blueprints to give out all items and not just the one you craft, it means that:
    1) In the very beginning of the game, once you find your first blueprint, like the medkit even before encountering the Alien, you will be able to craft from that point on, molotovs, pipebombs, noisemakers etc.
    2) In survivor mode, now you can always expect to be able to craft all items with each character, now only torch tools, SAT level tools and weapons are the differences you need to worry about when picking out who to play.

    Last edited: Apr 19, 2015
    dankew1, Keule, Reychar and 1 other person like this.
  2. dankew1

    dankew1 Member

    So, weapons break the game ?
    How ?
  3. somethingelse66

    somethingelse66 Master Donor Donor

    I'm sorry, I don't understand the question. Back when I did the mod, I tried modding weapons into the droptable for crafting, but it simply broke the game, can't remember how exactly, this is a while back, and I was pretty happy with having all the blueprints in the end, they're plenty useful and fun, and you pick up the weapons at a good pace in the game. Just throw a pipebomb at the xenos face, you'll survive the blast radius and the alien will leave, maybe claw you a bit, but you'll again heal in an instant.
  4. dankew1

    dankew1 Member

    I tried adding them to the output but they wouldn't show up if I select them by pressing Q. So how did it break the game ? Like crashes every time you launch it ? Also Have you got the Safe Haven DLC ? They said you play as either Amanda or Ransome I think, but I only find Ransome, Lingard and some other guy. Are there two Safe Haven DLCs ?
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2017

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