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Help me keep doing Trainers . [Important Announcement]


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Apr 20, 2014
Hello everyone ,

Its been a really great 6 years of doing work for this community ,But we have reached a crossroads .

I have finished college few months ago and got my IT degree and received a full time job offer a week ago and seriously considering to accept it and if i do i wouldn't have much time to do trainers .

Updating an existing Trainer require 30 minutes- 1.30 hours of work on average , Making a new trainer is 2-5 hours of work for each trainer depends on required cheats and the game code so that's a lot of time i wouldn't have if i was working a full time job.

Doing this was fine when i was in college and sharing an apartment ,I managed fine with doing what i do on this website and having a 4 hour part time job it was difficult but doable, but now i have to pay student debt and more responsibilities in my life ,Besides the costs of buying new games to make trainers for and paying for website hosting .

Since the start of this community i kept it 100% free , All the trainers made are available for everyone to download, No matter who you are ,What you think of this community or what you think of me , I tried to be as nice as possible to every user and improve the work as much as i can with what i had and could do alone.

All the trainers available in the Trainers section of the website were made and updated by only one person "me" for the past 6 years , Around 6000 trainers made for close to 2100 video games , I don't think any single person released as many free trainers online ,Around 1000 free trainer a year ,I believe before i got involved people were paying 3-5$ for trainers but i changed all that and gave people a free option to consider .

I want to keep doing this as a full time job but in order to do that i must get more support from the community , The current platform i use for accepting donations is

I just wanted to reach out to the community and explain the situation as best as i can ,If enough people get involved i will keep going for as long as people still want free PC Trainers , If not enough people get involved i wouldn't be sad or mad ,After all i probably learned more doing this than i learned in college and i met a lot of people who i consider as best friends in this community.

I hope everyone understands the situation i'm in right now and sorry for making this too long.

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Jul 8, 2014
First and foremost, the amount of dedication and diligence you put out to maintain this site and all the trainers is, without a doubt, above exemplary. I know that everyone here appreciates the amount of effort that you have put into working on these trainers.


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Oct 9, 2015
Real life comes before hobbies, if you cannot get the funding through donations we will understand, even if that means no or little new content then we still have a lot of trainers available for games already.

All in all I just wanted to say: Thank you for all the trainers!


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Nov 3, 2014
Am I seriously hearing this entire community correctly? Al of you are just immediately writing him off into the sunset instead of hearing him. He's living his dream now providing this stuff and doing so on his own schedule, it's just not paying the bills. He's asking for help from us just like if he were to go there would be no handing over of the reigns your options would be ************ or some other pay site or unreputable free site. He's asking for a buck or two a month from each person on the site or large contributors to keep it free.