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Trainer Metal Gear Survive +21


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Jun 5, 2014
Metal Gear Survive Trainer +21 v1.10 Steam

Author: Kalas

Options: +21

- Unlimited Health
- Unlimited Stamina
- Unlimited Hunger
- Unlimited Thirst
- Unlimited Oxygen
- Unlimited Kuban Energy
- Unlimited Gadgets Use
- Unlimited Materials
- Unlimited  Weapon Durability
- Unlimited Gear Durability
- Unlimited  Ammo
- Unlimited  Cases
- Super Max Weapon Durability
- Super Weapon Attack
- Super Max Gear Durability
- Super Gear Defense
- No Reload
- Item Multiplier
- Ignore Fatigue
- Ignore Weight
- No Collision

Remove AI Collision - AI will not be able to hit you or anything else in the game (Gadgets etc...).
Unlimited Cases - While on, every time you enter Stored Items (Cases Category), cases value will change. Remember to discard one case to save the value.
Unlimited Materials - Enter Storehouse, scroll between items in materials tab.
Item Multiplier - Each item you pick-up will add +200.


- Make sure you're in Singleplayer Mode
- Once you're in your base, find Repository where your warehouse located
- Go to Stored Item List > Others List > Cases
- Turn on the cheat, select some cases by a move up or down to refresh the number of cases, after that turn off the cheat
- Press G and discard at least 1 case (1 of each type)
- Go to Virgil and enjoy your cases!

Big credit to @Anemoi and @Sennzai!


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