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Need help (VB)

Discussion in 'Programming Related' started by Mackenzie, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. Mackenzie

    Mackenzie New Member

    Right i've not done VisualBasic in years right ive focused more on OpenGL Python ++ etc and i need help with this program im making for a project.

    -The Program-
    Pretty much this program long story short is a

    Spanish Tutor program where you enter a number of students their names (8) so its in an array
    how many hours they want to book if it's >=10 then you get 1 free hour and you are entered into a cinema ticket raffle. If it's >=15 then they get 2 hours free and entered into the raffle.
    pretty much after that i gotta use the array of stored names and pick a random winner.
    So pretty much my situation is i know code that is a bit advanced and i need to go back to basics and i obvs forget the functions so if anyone can help as i cant be bothered please do lel and btw it does have to be the basic level of code as its a project for people in a class a few years below and they are in the beginners stage of VB.

    Variable wise i managed to start off with
    Dim StudentName(8) as String
    Dim StudentNo as Integer
    Dim Eligible forget the condition
    Dim Non eligible
    Dim Winner as string i think ?

  2. sbseed

    sbseed Member

    create your own array as a separate file from the program...
    use call and write to functions to access file and update on the fly...

    much more dynamic then trying to use VB or Pythons built in array 'addons' for the program you are making.
    use something similar to a if statement to check if the StudentNo line is eligible or not...
    then use a write winner function to string

    then you can write string to output either as a printout on screen (in program) or to a file.

    hope this helps, i have no idea how to use python itself, but i know enough about programming to be able to lend some suggestions...
    this might help you basically help yourself :D

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