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The Fidelio Incident

Discussion in 'Rejected Trainers Requests' started by LordZax, May 24, 2017.

  1. LordZax

    LordZax Donor Donor

    If you could look into The Fidelio Incident and make it happen ... many thanks.

    Searched the site and it looks like I am the first to buy this game.

    Launched yesterday on Steam.

  2. Kalas

    Kalas Super Staff Staff Member Donor

    What kind of cheats?

    I played this game doesn't seem to have anything to cheat.
  3. LordZax

    LordZax Donor Donor

    Yeah Kalas, just played now about 15 minutes and can say that you're right!
    Does not need any trainers / cheats ...

    It does have beautiful visuals paired with lovely music ... but also seems to be stupid so i am dropping it.

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