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    The Messenger Trainer

    Yeah trainer doesn't work at all for me.
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    [REQ] Death's Gambit Trainer

    +1 Ingame trainer doesn't even work for me. + a real trainer would be far better.
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    [REQ] Death's Gambit Trainer

    I have to admit that I don't get how requesting works.. I made a request on this exact game in the proper way: title, link, kind of cheats etc. I even started the post explaining that I know there's a request on the game already but that it didn't follow the rules.. Now that post and my proper...
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    Death's Gambit

    Repost since the other post doesn't follow the rules. Death's Gambit * Infinite HP * Infinite Stamina * Infinite Mana/Energy *Infinite "Souls" (currency) *Infinite items (usables) Let's upvote this guys, great game! :)
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    I am Overburdened

    Would love a trainer for this game :) Can't seem to add the link since it counts as spam (?) Infinite Health Infinite Gold + +