MrAntiFun + WeMod Partnership Announcement

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    Welcome From WeMod!

    This is fantastic news. I have used WeMod before it was called that back on an old xbox game site from years ago. Its a great idea on MRantifuns part as it will be a great way to have all his trainers in one app. Heres hopeing we see updates to certain trainers of his on the we mod app in the...
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    The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Trainer

    This is called a false positive. Simply exclude the trainer in your anti virus program list.
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    Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition Trainer

    Great trainer. The trainer that has the update 1 is the version you should use for the current version on steam.
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    Forza Horizon 3 Trainer

    Is it possible to add a money cheat and a freeze timer cheat to the trainer?
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    Tiny Troppers Windows 10/Xbox live Version

    Please consider doing a trainer for the windows 10 version of this game. Just have the same options as the other trainer? It would be great to have. To my knowledge this version of the game is single player only Inf.Health Inf.Grenades Inf.Airstrikes - Inf.Bazooka Mega Command Points Game...
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    The Forest .71 has a virus attached

    What is the name of the virus? look it up and see if others get the same thing when using the trainer.
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    Tiny Troopers Trainer

    Does anyone know if this will work on the Windows 10 version? If not can you make a version for Windows 10? I just checked and it sadly does not.
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    ARK Survival Evolved Trainer

    Will any of the trainers work with the Windows 10 version of the game?
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    7 Days To Die Trainer

    Please update this trainer. Would it be possible to add a one hit kill opition?
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    Paranautical Activity Trainer

    Great trainer. It still works as of today over year later
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    AdVenture Capitalist Trainer

    No it is not. I press F1 and the trainer does not activate. It just keeps saying cheat active and thats it. please update this trainer mranifun.
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    AdVenture Capitalist Trainer

    Please update the trainer. It does not work on the current version.
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    Final Fantasy XIII 2 Trainer

    Could we get a cheat on the trainer for max and infinite monster materials and components? PLEASE! it would really help.
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    Final Fantasy X HD Remaster Trainer

    I found out for myself that it does let you edit your lightning bolt dodges, it also lets you edit your chocobo time.
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    Final Fantasy X HD Remaster Trainer

    It would also be great if you could add an option to have dodged 200 lighting bolts.