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    Pandora First Contact Trainer

    Hello @MrAntiFun I can 100% confirm that all aspects of the trainer version 1.5.4 for this game (Pandora First Contact) still works with the latest version of the base game on Steam... I how ever can not confirm that the DLC trainer works or not as I only own the base game on Steam
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    Please a Trainer for Wasteland 3

    WeMod already has a Steam trainer for this game and as for a XB Game pass version it has reached the 2,000 required votes so it only a matter of time before the trainer is done for WASTELAND 3 so we all just need a little patience including me lol
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    Survivalist Trainer

    Note: As of 7th July 2020 the cheats in the Survivalist trainer V62.3 still works with the latest version of the game. (only the No Reload cheat doesn't work)
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    Halo Wars Definitive Edition Trainer

    Notice to all if you own the windows store version of this game and for most games trainers here you can not use any of them as they are for steam / gog ect... Because Windows 10 store doesn't let us have access to the folder the games you download from there we can not drag and drop the...
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    [REQ] Forager

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    Imagine Earth Trainer

    yea none of the trainer options work any more... if you could find it in your very bizzy scheduled to up date this one I'd appreciate it. thanks again for all your hard work helping us all out
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    Astroneer Trainer

    I can confirm all works except inf oxygen on version
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    Rise of the Tomb Raider Trainer

    i can confirm only the Infinite ammo don't work all of the other cheats dose work... so this is what the rest of you do... you must 1st level up once then activate skills cheat ( note you cant use them till you come across your 1st camp fire ) once you get that 1st camp fire going level up as...
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    Phantom Doctrine Trainer

    Yes Yes Yes Thank YOU SOOO much @MrAntiFun
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    Galactic Civilizations 3 Trainer

    the movement cheat only works for individual ships. meaning i have to eject each ship from the fleet every time i want to move them to were i want them to go, for the cheat to work hopefully you can fix when the next trainer comes out. other than that it's a good trainer keep up the good work
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    Starcraft 2 Legacy of the void Trainer

    there is nothing wrong with the trainer yesterday i completed terran and zerg campaigns using it
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    Starpoint Gemini 2 Trainer

    i can confirm that all but 1 cheat (inf.hull) in the trainer 3.0 still works with the latest version on steam. it's the same with the origins dlc, all but the inf.hull works