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I am a girl, a woman a female with a midway through life crisis... I am a cat-lady and I am a lesbian (so totally living up to having cats) and the 3 cats most graciously have allowed me and my partner to live in the apartment we rent here in Aalborg. My partner and I have celebrated our 14 years together here in August 2018 (Time does seem to fly by so very, very fast)

I grew up with computers, Commandor 64 was my way into this great world of games, and the first game, and probably the only game I played on the 64 was "Space Hulk", I so loved that game. From there it was onto Nintendo and SNES (I found a SNES some years back and I have collected some of my favourite games to it) and of course I had to get a Gameboy, those with the green screen.... Ohh those were the days.
In 1998 I finally had enough money saved that I could buy my own PC parts to build my own machine, and since then it has been a love/hate relationship (I mean how many of you, have not had a CPU burn out on you? Or bad sectors on your hard drives? Me... Well I believe I have more than most)
In the late 90's I had a love affair with the unity engine and games made on it, the best of them (few as they were) was "Planescape Torment", I could play that game for hours on end, and then it was on to "Baldur's Gate 2 (for some reason I skipped the first game there), even though "Icewind Dale" was a game in the series I played it halfheartedly and never really completed it. Nowadays there are the enhanced edition of these games, which of course I have.... But I have not played them as much... Maybe I will get back into them at some point.
I mostly play games that are RPGs in nature, but I also do like FPS and RTS, though I prefer the latter two to have a great story in them, like "Wolfenstein II The new Colossus" or "Dawn of War II".

I love reading books, these days I mostly read books from Black Library and 99% of them are from their science fiction line. I have dared getting some books from their fantasy line, but I have yet to complete a novel (I've gotten 3 omnibus so we are talking about books of at least 700 pages, it takes time to get through one, especially when you want to keep up with the sci-fi line). I also like to read books on historical events or periods as well as I like to read biographies about historical persons. I have converted one of the rooms in our, excuse me, the cat's apartment to a library of my own, which consists of way too many books and DVDs/Blu-ray and i am that old that I also have a lot of CDs and of course I am from the time when you actually got a game physically on disc (yeah so old that it was discs as I also have some that was a CDROM and not a DVD disc), not like today when it is simply a file you download and then use a program to store and start your game. I love sitting in my reading chair, surrounded by all my books, and being able to look out the window at the sky.

I have spent 3 years at the university studying history, so naturally I love reading books on historical events or historical persons. I took a stint in the Danish army for 9 months after which I continued in the National guard (Today though I am a passive member) I also spent 4 years at college studying to become a school teacher, and lastly I also spent a year studying to become a janitor (Yeah you need a diploma in DK to work as that, or you need some other diploma like carpenter or the like). As you can read, I like to study. Sadly my plan to continue working was derailed when I was diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety which was caused by events in 2007. I am working on getting some of the old me back, though I will never be the same, but hopefully I can find some of my better qualities and put them to use at some point.

I could probably write a novel about me, so I best stop here. Well maybe I will just include a list of my favourite games, TV series and movies (maybe books), in case you find we have something in common.

Favourite games:
- Dawn of war II
- Fallout 3
- Fallout New Vegas
- Wolfenstein II: The new colossus
- Assassin's Creed: Origins
- Batman: The Telltale Series
- Mafia III
- Planescape Torment: Enhanced edition
- Prey
- Wasteland II
- Metro Redux
- Bioshock 1 & 2
- Titan Quest
- Star Wars Podracer

Favourite TV series:
- Battlestar Galactica (The new one)
- Star Trek Deep Space Nine
- Sopranos
- Third Watch
- Farscape
- A Touch of Frost
- Doctor Who (The new ones)
- Andromeda
- Starship Troopers: Roughnecks (The animated series)
- Boston Public
- T.J Hooker
- Columbo
- Westworld
- Space Precinct
- Masters of sci-fi
- Homicide Life On The Streets

Favourite movies:
- Aliens
- Bladerunner
- Bladerunner 2049
- Westworld
- Logan's run
- Predator
- Prometheus
- Split Second
- Only the lonely
- Alien
- Enemy Mine
- Titan A.E
- Fierce Creatures + A Fish Called Wanda
- Eastern Promises
- Wedlock
- The Fortress
- Escape from L.A + New York
- 1984

I know I could make a list that was much longer, but I doubt any would keep reading, so I will stop here
Mar 28, 1980 (Age: 40)
Aalborg, North Jutland, Denmark
None at the moment





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