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    Anno 1800 Trainer

    when I try to enable the Unlimited Warehouse Resources (F11) the game crashes and the installation breaks, forcing me to re-install... :-\ luckily the only thing I needed was infinite oil, as for the other function I use Fling, still you should probably fix that.
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    Please a Trainer for Wasteland 3

    the wemod trainer has basically all of these minus the reputation (which unfortunately is the one I want the most), works on all versions. Cheathappens apparently also has reputation but it's premium and, because of their ludicrous price model, I haven't had the chance to test it...
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    Armello 2.3

  4. HAL90001208

    [REQ] Age of Wonders Planetfall

    What I would really love is a cheat to increase colony population...
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    Graveyard Keeper Trainer

    Hi, I always love your trainers but for some reason with this one my antivirus (bitdefender) goes ape-shit, it says that it's infected by Gen:Variant.Razy.379465 and even when I deactivate it, it still prevents me from using the program... Is there anything that I can do beside uninstalling my...