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    Trainer for NIBU game

  2. jorea143

    Fictorum Trainer

    Update to 1.2.4 please.
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    Cheat Mist Survival Unlimited Resources/Gas In Can/Bullets/Perfect Durability (Cheat Table)

    Works perfectly so far. Has anyone figure out how to duplicate a filled up gas can?
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    Life is Feudal Forest Village Trainer

    Thanks again for the update. If possible, could you add 'Fast Build' or 'Instant Build'? It takes forever to terraform large areas.
  5. jorea143

    Life is Feudal Forest Village Trainer

    Thank you!!!
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    8 bit Hordes Trainer

    Trainer options works fine on Skirmish. Inf health does not work on campaign. Thanks for the traienr.
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    Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Trainer

    Oh wow. That was really fast. Good work. Thanks and keep it up!!!!
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    Total War Attila Trainer

    I activated this option but their loyalty still goes down(even down to 2/10) but then again I never had civil wars yet since I keep using the "secure loyalty" on them. So I am wondering how exactly this option works.
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    Total War Attila Trainer

    How does Inf. loyalty works? The video showcasing trainer's options doesn't help at all.
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    [REQ]TUG Trainer

    Please make a trainer for the game Tug. Thanks:)
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    Far Cry 4 Trainer

    I have uninstall avast antivirus now. I'll see if that's the cause of crash. By far, I have no crashes after dying like 3 times now. And yes, I don't get crashes if I don't use the said trainer option. Maybe trainer + avast(even if disabled) is not a good combo. I'm not sure. Also, yes I am...