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    Stellaris Trainer

    please update
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    Anno 2205 Trainer

    pls update
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    Craft The World Trainer

    please update, it does not work in the Steam version:Unlimited Health,Unlimited Food,Mega Exp. Game version 1.8.002
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    Underrail Trainer

    please update
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    {REQ} XCOM Chimera Squad

    in WeMod already 2411 out of 2000 were typed as if)) so I would like to see the trainer all the same)
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    Stellaris Trainer

    this can be circumvented simply by pressing the change technology and choosing the same one (it will add 9999 again), but you have to be careful, such a change of technologies for me personally led to crashes (systematically), then I could study about 100 technologies, or even 2-3 crashes...
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    Mindustry cheat.

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    Stellaris Trainer

    Are you using a pirated game or using a license? just if in a pirated one you need to pave the way to the desired .exe file
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    Stellaris Trainer

    Thanks for the work you've done. Is it possible to increase the number of resources from 9999 to at least 50,000, or as before, to 99999?is it possible to increase a fixed number of research points from 14,000?
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    Stellaris Trainer

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    Balrum Trainer

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    STONESHARD Trainer

    for immortality, it’s enough to just maximize the parameters)) you put the same chewiness 200 and more than one wound will not kill you as well as a trap) And everything is done using the same search for an 8-bit file through any cracker, be it AM or CE. p.s. you can just as easily hack and...