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    Founders Fortune 8.0.2 8.0.4

    Yes Sir, please :)
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    Dawn of Man Trainer

    Yes, good thanks for all your job ! :)
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    Battlefield V Trainer

    Thank you, Mr AntiFun and an Happy New Year plenty of good games and marvellous trainers !!! :)
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    Depraved Trainer

    Yes, a new BIG thank you, Sir :)
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    This Is the Police 2 Trainer

    If you have a "beep" that is because you don't use the key in the good place. For F2 it is necessary to be on the card of interventions for example, to click on a policeman (below, with photo and statistics) then on F2, to click on to close the photo, reopen it and that is it the policeman's...
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    This Is the Police 2 Trainer

    And for F2 ? For me it freeze the game and I'm good for Ctrl+Alt+shift...
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    This Is the Police 2 Trainer

    1.0.6 work with F6 and F8 (F8 when you are in action, no before).
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    This Is the Police 2 Trainer

    With V. 10.06 it's OK for F6 and F8 (F2 make a crash…). I have not used others...
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    OK, you can arrive there also while using the stock of the town hall with Cheat Engine, and you must manage to little by little to have 2 identical quantities rightly: one in Float, the other in 4 bytes. You descend them in the part below the Cheat Engine and you change the values (doesn't pass...
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    ps: and for those that play Foundation, it is the same principle :)
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    If you know how to use Cheat Engine, it is all simple. It is necessary to look for money with 4 bytes (one finds it quickly) then to wait to have constructed a warehouse because it is with the warehouse (and its content) that one can change the quantities (and not with the values of the top of...
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    Farm Manager 2018 Trainer

    Yes, thank you Mr. AntiFun ;)
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    Freeman Guerrilla Warfare Trainer

    Thank you again, Sir, but I am afraid that you must redo a trainer because the game is in early access and go be modified, improved, often. It is going to make you of work in more... ;)
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    Railway Empire Trainer

    Yes, big thank you, Sir :)