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    DEVIL MAY CRY 5 (Trainer)

    Fling has one out at present..
  2. Snoopy2004

    Strange Brigade Trainer

    Thank you MAF, i have tried to put over a donation but keep getting "This recipient is currently unable to receive money. " :( Was hoping to try and fund a trainer for Immortal Unchained..
  3. Snoopy2004

    Immortal: Unchained! (REQUEST)

    If you put scan type to "exact value" and "value type" to double, you can find the values within a few scans. I have Unlimited ammo with no reload, frozen value on health paks, and well over 10,000,000 bits and my character is now level 110. Still trying to find "god mode" unlimited health and...
  4. Snoopy2004

    Far Cry Primal Trainer

    Great Trainer, any chance of a free cam (noclip) like in a lot of your other ones..? Would be able to produce some awsome screen shots with it.. :)