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    Stellaris Trainer

    Due to the nature of Stellaris 2.0 and the changes it made, I am willing to bet that the trainer will not be perfect for a while. With 2.0.2 slated soon and even more following, MAF has likely shifted p[riorities to games more stable until the updates on Stellaris level out. Be patient and if...
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    Stellaris Trainer

    The DLC was only JUST released. Give MAF a bit of time to actually log in
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    Endless Space 2 Trainer

    Yeah it really needs it
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    Total War Warhammer Trainer

    If you are using Avast, you will need to add an exception for the folder the Launcher of the trainer is in. To those experiencing a CTD, launch TW:W to main menu, then start the trainer, activate cheats, then start the campaign you desire or load the game you wish. Be sure to double check with...
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    Total War Warhammer Trainer

    So far playing Norsca I have had zero issues, with the exception of Inf. Ammo does seem to not work, and super unit size causes some interesting things with the ice wolf chariots.
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    Master of Orion Trainer

    Like has been said, trainer is functional but buggy.
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    Master of Orion Trainer

    Main issues seems to be it gives some of the the cheats to the AI as well as yourself, Production in particular is leading to fleets of 300+ on the AI side.
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    Wargame Red Dragon Trainer

    As far as I can tell Inf Base (Resupply), Inf Ammo, and Always Calm never seem to work properly.
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    Star Wars Forces Of Corruptions Trainer

    The Trainers Inf. Health works just fine... on units without Hardpoints. It is the hardpoint mechanic that is breaking the Inf Health cheat in space combat matches. The simple counter to this is to rely on Corvettes to screen your space station from bomber attacks and spam your own bombers and...
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    Sid Meiers Civilization Beyond Earth Trainer

    Trainers are starting to ping not only Anti-Virus, but also Browser protection as well. Avast and Chrome both claiming new trainers as malicious.
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    7 Days To Die Trainer

    I am frankly surprised there is a trainer for 7D2D at all, seeing how much its updated.
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    Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 Retribution Trainer

    That was the first thing I tried, and still Active Trainer will not ping. All other options turn on and off flawlessly, but F1 does nothing on this trainer. DoWII Chaos Rising works flawlessly, but Retribution has not.
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    Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 Retribution Trainer

    The trainer doesn't seem to work, as I can NOT get it to activate at all. No matter how many times I mash F1, it will not work. (Other options ping and say cheat activated, but F1 ill not trigger, nor will the effects in game.)