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  1. THSR4v3N

    Far Cry 5 Trainer

    The easy anti cheat does not seem to be working anymore, it complains about the version.
  2. THSR4v3N

    ARK Survival Evolved Trainer

    It just makes a beep sound when i try to activate.
  3. THSR4v3N

    ARK Survival Evolved Trainer

    update for version 292 ?
  4. THSR4v3N

    Startup Company (on Steam)

    The game runs 3 different processes in memory which makes it difficult to inject into the correct process. They are all called the same thing. Changing the money was easy but other things like employee mood, and research items are a bit more complicated. Its a fun game though.
  5. THSR4v3N

    Steam Squad Trainer

    looks like steamsquad.exe is not the name of the executable anymore. its just squad.exe and so the trainer will not inject properly.