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    Weedcraft Inc Trainer

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    Stellaris Trainer

    2.0.2 Has been ofically released oh might MRANTIFUn plz bless us with a new trainer
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    Stellaris Trainer

    Ironman mode does not allow console commands so really of no use to ironman players, really the trainer isnt required at all for non ironman players.
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    Stellaris Trainer

    What your missing is that some ppl play in ironman mode and ironman doesnt allow console commands.
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    Stellaris Trainer

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    Stellaris Trainer

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    Stellaris Trainer

    Mr antifun generally only updates the stellarius trainer when we jump to a big enough patch that the trainer stops working all together. on the 22nd the new 2.0 patch rolls out with the new expansion and we should see a new trainer the next day or maybe 2-3 days. Alot is changing and i bet...
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    Stellarius 2.0 patch and Apocalypse Expansion on the 22nd. 2/22/18

    So Paradox Interactive is putting out a huge free patch to the game and taking the game to 2.0, a ton of the features and systems in the game are getting updated or changed so you might have to redo the trainer. Also at the same time they are putting out the newest expansion called Apocalypse...
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    Northgard Trainer

    Money cheat does not seem to be working
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    Stellarius 1.9.1 patch

    So with 1.9.1 patch Unity cheat no longer works also when you use the instant build cheat it works for enemy AI Also. Use command instand_build by console works for You and all AI players in the sanme time :( New DLC uses autobuilder for 100+ ships in the same time. Use instant_buld for you...
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    They Are Billions Trainer

    TYVM MR antifun
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    Stellaris Trainer

    Alot of Anti-virus dont like Cheat Engine, alot think its a trojan or something because it injects code into the game. Kaspersky hated Mr Antifun for like a year, I was constantly having to download copies of his trainers because Kaspersky would ice them.
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    Stellaris Trainer

    Danke MR.ANtifun.
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    Stellarius Patch 1.9 and Species pack 12/7/17

    So I was wrong, nothing to dramatic with 1.9.0 patch and new species pack.. But the trainer is totally borked, PLZ look at the Science cheats and Influeance/unity cheats they seemed to be screwed up in last trainer build. Influeance would max out unity instead of influeance and unity cheat...