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    Kane and Lynch 2 Trainer

    Thank you so much!
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    Risen 2 Dark Waters Trainer

    Just an FYI, Steam version just updated for me today.
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    Volgarr the Viking

    Any chance for a Volgarr the Viking v1.32 trainer? Please and thank you, Mr.AntiFun, sir?
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    Kane and Lynch 2

    I posted this one the regular request forum before I was a donor. Sorry for the repeat. I can't find any trainers, other than Cheathappens, for Kane and Lynch 2 v1.2.0.1. Thanks in advance.
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    Final Fantasy 7 trainer

    I second this request. Maybe something with the limit bar too? Basically anything other than the crappy ones that are floating around.
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    Kane and Lynch 2

    Good to know. Thanks for the info!
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    Kane and Lynch 2

    I don't believe it has been updated recently, I can only find trainers for previous versions though.
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    Kane and Lynch 2

    I'm looking for a trainer for the most recent version of Kane and Lynch 2. Anyone able to help me out?
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    UnEpic Trainer

    Thanks a bunch! Any updates to the trainer yet?
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    Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days

    I second the request. Anyone have any leads on where I can find a trainer?