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  1. yoooo4574

    Adult games from steam

    Hi, there is many games in adult section on steam. Will pay much if you start creating cheats for this games, for exemple -
  2. yoooo4574

    MotoGP 19

    is on cheathappens and work,
  3. yoooo4574

    Ride 3 Trainer

    antifun cheated us. He grabbed the money that we gave him and start work for weemod which is the worst and most expensive. functional tranier for all RIDE games is on cheathappens. HE actually give all us donations for weemod.. what a fraud man ! he dont fix any tranier for RIDE game as you...
  4. yoooo4574

    Ride 3 Trainer

    trainer dont work in "endurance" or drag race my support end , good bye
  5. yoooo4574

    Train Simulator 2019 We need in game dissable that "emergency brake" in mission wich always suddenly happen before end of mission or station, also dissable time "timer limit" or damage on train or accidents on way ..witch are scripted from game ,to you...
  6. yoooo4574

    DCS World Steam Edition
  7. yoooo4574

    Ride 3 Trainer

    Hi all , now after some updates of game , freezing and black screen happening when you use trainer option F1 and go to "overtakes" , you can just hit/ pres F1 again and get to back game,, soo good they fix this.. But still trainer can not inject this "overtakes" and its big problem for...
  8. yoooo4574

    Ride 3 Trainer

    Soo trainer really freeze whole game if F1 is used in : "overtake race" and dont freeze oponents in unfamous drag race..where really is needed... All this was easy workin in ride 1 and 2 ,, but now is whole situation bad.. there is also that freeze game with black screen , but there is fail...
  9. yoooo4574

    Ride 3 Trainer

    Hi, i got some "freeze" whole game when i use F1 oponents in " overtake" race.. other cheats work, but also "stop timer" dotn work in this race..
  10. yoooo4574

    Ride 3 Trainer

    but biggest problem is that drag race.. people who buy this game are really crazy from this..... very bad move from milestone.. why they do it?? they are dafq.. becouse without drag races we can get all bikes .. trophs So i appeal on mr.A plese try fix it if is it possible ;)
  11. yoooo4574

    TT Isle of Man! (REQUEST)

    priority number TWO! please ...
  12. yoooo4574

    Ride 3 Trainer

    Hi, after update last day,somebody check if work.. ? this is priority number ONE for me. please work on this game.
  13. yoooo4574

    Project CARS 2! (REQUEST)

    halo halo ..) really we need trainer to this game.
  14. yoooo4574

    Grid Autosport Trainer

    unfortunately crashes the game ... trainer after all. work but gamne crash every race.. this is very painfull
  15. yoooo4574

    Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO Trainer

    please update to today steam vers.
  16. yoooo4574

    Dirt Rally Trainer

    please update trainer ,
  17. yoooo4574

    DiRT 4 Trainer

    please update trainer , money
  18. yoooo4574

    Grid Autosport Trainer

    please update this trainer to work
  19. yoooo4574

    Assetto Corsa Trainer

    please update