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  1. NerdGone

    The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Final Cut Trainer

    Probably doesn't work because the game itself is currently broken and Neocore is not doing so well.
  2. NerdGone

    Dead Island Riptide Trainer

    Probably due to a bug. Usually when something like one-hit or fast kill get removed, it's because at some point it ends up where it applies to an enemy towards the player(s).
  3. NerdGone

    Dying Light Trainer

    No, unfortunately, once you invest the points on that playthrough, you are stuck with them. What I usually do is use the Mega XP option to quickly level trees to max, and then take the available points and assign them exactly how I want and just ignore leftovers (if any).
  4. NerdGone

    Dying Light Trainer

    Current trainer still works on the Steam version even after the update. The update did not modify the main .exe for the game but only some of the data files.
  5. NerdGone

    Borderlands 2 Trainer

    Let the tentacle grab you near the gate (with inf health/shield on of course), it will throw you up to where the symbol is.
  6. NerdGone

    Dead State Trainer

    Workaround for the human enemies having infinite moves/hp, etc: Save the game when you first enter a new area. Disable Infinite Moves/HP, etc. Go searching around until you encounter/see the enemy and (preferably manually with the Spacebar) initiate combat. Re-enable the cheats AFTER combat is...
  7. NerdGone

    Sacred 2 Ice and Blood Trainer

    Anyone not entirely satisfied with the trainer options, read through here and make adjustments to your balance.txt as you like:
  8. NerdGone

    Insanity Clicker Trainer

    If you're looking to lock the teeth value, then you can do it yourself with Cheat Engine...just kill a monster or two to see the teeth value in-game, then pause the game (preferably in-game, if you can't, CE has a pause option that will force-freeze/suspend the game). Do a search for 4-byte int...
  9. NerdGone

    [REQ] - Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Ragnarok

    Now I know what I'm buying on Thursday, along with the expac for Grim Dawn. What's really cool is the THQ Nordic guys and Crate are still on friendly terms all of these years after they made Diablo and Diablo 2 together.
  10. NerdGone

    PC users of Injustice 2 getting screwed in the wallet.

    Ninja Turtles is already confirmed not coming to PC, as the PC version is only getting two unreleased heroes, and Ninja Turtles is 4 + Casey Jones + Splinter. And having talked to someone who already has the PS4 version, they already have the Turtles on there.
  11. NerdGone

    Starcraft 2 Legacy of the void Trainer

    Not in all regions yet, they are doing it in batches, which is why I mentioned it.
  12. NerdGone

    Rise Of Nations Extended Edition Trainer

    Temporary workaround for Steam users until the trainer is updated: Go to RoN:EE in your Library, right-click on it, select Properties, click on the Betas tab (you may need to opt in if you haven't), then select v1_10_old-2014 version in the dropdown box, then click on Enter. This will revert...
  13. NerdGone

    Starcraft 2 Legacy of the void Trainer

    There's going to be several updates coming out shortly since Blizzard is making Wings of Liberty F2P for everyone and Heart of the Swarm F2P for people who already own Wings of Liberty.
  14. NerdGone

    PC users of Injustice 2 getting screwed in the wallet.

    Get a refund while the getting is good. WB decided to screw PC users (yet again) and cut DLC content that the PS4 users got (such as Ninja Turtles), even for the $79.99 Ultimate Edition, with only a very nebulous promise that at some point PC users will get two yet-to-be-released heroes. To make...
  15. NerdGone

    The Forest Trainer

    Stop using useless AV programs that don't actually work to begin with. None of MAF's trainers contain viruses, they are skinned trainers made using Cheat Engine + scripted tables.
  16. NerdGone

    Darkest Dungeon Trainer

    More than likely not given the change list, but some options might work. I don't have time to test atm. Ok, I tested and as follows for the last posted trainer (21609): Everything works but Infinite Torch. Caveat: Infinite Items will absolutely crash your game inside of dungeons at camps and...
  17. NerdGone

    Offworld Trading Company Trainer

    Needs another update for Steam version 1.17.18018, .EXE was recompiled and the last trainer no longer activates.
  18. NerdGone

    subterrain update plz

    +1 This needs updated for sure, the trainer doesn't even activate, let alone any of the options. Steam version appears to be version 2.3.509 (.exe reads
  19. NerdGone

    Galactic Civilizations 3 Trainer

    For those of you who use Cheat Engine as well as MAF's CE based trainers, there is a table for 2.60 that works for 2.65 (except for unlimited admins at least on my end since I only have the base game, probably works 100% if you have the expansion since this table was written for it)...