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  1. 1crash007

    Hardland Release Oct-12-2019 (Godmode + Allitems)

    So i finally figured it out since there are soooo many shanges made since beta 23... When you start for the first time you are not the fox.. Ignore what happens at the ship when you wake the character up.. This is what this mod does.. Invincible... (pretty much it) All items... (ooohhh...
  2. 1crash007

    [REQ] 3030 Deathwar Redux

    If you use cheat engine to search for money the result will be a 4 byte and 2 string values Edit the 4 byte value and the next time you purchase or sell something your value will change.
  3. 1crash007

    Oriental Empires Trainer

    Another update has come out.. will try the latest version and see if it still works.
  4. 1crash007

    Dragon Quest Heroes II Trainer

    This trainer will not work. Will have to experiment with different files to fix the exe. Disabled Anti-Virus Executed Game Trainer Executed Game F1 at Main menu ( worked ) Start game ( infinite black screen )
  5. 1crash007

    Stranded Deep Trainer

    easy crafting works with experimental version 0.27
  6. 1crash007

    Stranded Deep Trainer

    Probably cause most people have 64 bit systems. 32 bit is like still using Win xp. Version 0.27 came out so i am going to try the latest one on it or has anyone else tried it?
  7. 1crash007

    Motorsport Manager Trainer

    I have them all but fast construction working. I have vers 1.3.1394 Make sure you follow the EXACT instructions on the first Op.
  8. 1crash007

    Kenshi Trainer

    0.95.10 trainer works fine with 0.95.14 release. I have no issues with it it all works. The animation issue is related to limb damage.. It can't be fixed.
  9. 1crash007

    Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book

    Faster alchemy leveling would be a nice addition to the trainer. Please. Maybe better alchemy items too.
  10. 1crash007

    Atelier Sophie The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book Trainer

    Big thank you Maf for the trainer.. :D
  11. 1crash007

    Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book

    Would like to see a trainer for this game too.
  12. 1crash007

    Gladiator School Trainer

    Thank you for the trainer will report any non bug related issues if there are any issues..
  13. 1crash007

    Kenshi Trainer

    I have it working no problem the pictures are to help others.
  14. 1crash007

    Carmageddon Reincarnation Trainer

    The new Carmageddon Game is now called Carmageddon Max Damage. So this trainer is out of date.
  15. 1crash007

    [REQ]Clockwork Empires version 1.0B

    editing the files with notepad++ is a whole lot easier. See my other posts for files to edit.
  16. 1crash007

    Kenshi Trainer

    Process Name and the name of the file have to be the same
  17. 1crash007

    Kenshi Trainer

    Are you guys running the Kenshi_x64.exe Rename it if you have to and it will work.
  18. 1crash007

    Forsaken Fortress Trainer

    The version i have the process name is ffs2.exe what name does the trainers use? i can barely read them. Oh and the title for this page and the trainers listing needs updating.
  19. 1crash007

    [REQ]Clockwork Empires version 1.0B

    Seems update 55A changes alot again. So may have to make a different approach to your startout.
  20. 1crash007

    [REQ]Clockwork Empires version 1.0B

    Been busy but soon as I can I will look into the debris code and see what can be done.. Gothikus you can't have two negative numbers the same spawnAirdropCrate( rand(-9,-9) + startX, rand(-9,-9) + startY, "Starting Materials - Metalworking" ) Like i said before first is less than the second...