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  1. Mouse84

    Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Blacklist Trainer

    @MrAntiFun All of your trainers are not on WeMod. I am officially done. I have supported you for years now and this is the last straw. I am sick of constantly not having access to the trainers I need because WeMod put the cart before the horse. There isn't even an entry for UPlay under this...
  2. Mouse84

    STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order Trainer

    Just so everyone knows, wemod inhabits the appdata folder. This might explain some of the issues.
  3. Mouse84

    Invisible Inc. Trainer.

    +1 x 1,000,000!!!!
  4. Mouse84

    Regarding a problem with the AC odyssey trainer for Uplay!

    You might be able to change the executable name itself, but it's likely an internal DRM thing, where it verifies your ownership (since it is subscription based) a differnet way, and every time.
  5. Mouse84

    Welcome From WeMod!

    When do the donor's get the free upgrade to pro?
  6. Mouse84


    Did they ever get this game to work on windows 10?
  7. Mouse84


    It's a Heuristic response to the trainer attempting to access the memory use of another running program. (this is why they have to have elevated (admin) permissions to run.) The various anti-viruses always detect it as such. As long as you got it on this site, you should be fine. I would...
  8. Mouse84

    Civ 6.. Trainer being blocked by virus Protection..

    can you click on "more info"? It's usually in the upper part of the message, in the center. The Run anyway button should be there after your click more info. Other wise, wait about 5 minutes, open windows defender (you do have to wait a second for it to show up in the list, hence the wait 5...
  9. Mouse84

    Arma 3 New Trainer request

    Use the Simple Single Player Cheat Menu from the Steam Workshop (SSPCM). It gives no fatigue, god mode, team god mode, vehicle god mode, access to zeus, the virtual arsenal, etc. It also give in map teleport. EDIT: here is a link:
  10. Mouse84

    Subnautica Below Zero Trainer

    @MrAntiFun How soon do you think that you can get a new trainer for this update that just came out today. Personally, I only really need unlimited health, O2 and maybe no hunger / thirst. The rest can be accessed easily by the console. Thank you!
  11. Mouse84

    Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy Trainer

    Why don't you use the built-in cheat codes? The console SHOULD be accessible! (~ key) Pro Tip: your favorite code should be: sv_saberrealisticcombat 10 Yes, that is EXACTLY what it sounds like! EDIT: Here is a good link:
  12. Mouse84

    Sorry, can't find if

    not all of the cheats work
  13. Mouse84

    Subnautica Below Zero Trainer

    I will try! Just got it to work!
  14. Mouse84

    Subnautica Below Zero Trainer

    For some reason the trainer just freezes and does not work! I ran it as admin and the game folder is whitelisted EDIT: after the intro, I just couldn't get GOD mode to activate for some reason...
  15. Mouse84

    Black and White 2

    Well, considering your grammer and word choice is excellent and actually better then most native speakers, no need to apologize! :-)
  16. Mouse84

    Just Cause 4 trainer

    All supply drops are unlocked through missions and areas. Unlimited supply drops might not be too hard, but you can drop the same item like three times in a row (just different pilots). Also, the first two options are already on the trainer on the site.
  17. Mouse84

    Mute option

    Did it show one for cheatengine.exe? That is how the older trainers show up. Also, look for the actual file name as the process to be muted. I havent had to do it in a while on WIN 10, but I have done it before though.
  18. Mouse84

    Mute option

    Double-click on the speaker icon in windows to bring up the 'mixer'. It will allow you to mute specific programs.
  19. Mouse84

    is there a way to download every trainer here at once?

    @mrissaoussama I do know of a way, but it would take some time and some effort. However, I have to ask why you are inquiring on how to Data scrape this whole site, as this is what ************* and others were doing and others still were stealing his work and passing it off as their own. Now...
  20. Mouse84

    Arma 3 Trainer

    Why don't all of you simply download and enable the mod "SSPCM" Or "Simple Single Player Cheat Menu". Gives you all of this, plus access to the zeus, armory, vehicle spawn, vehicle invincibility, play invincibility, etc. You can even use it in multiplayer with battle eye, though everyone will...