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  1. chris

    windows 10 problems

    did anyone try compatibility troubleshoot to windows 7/8?
  2. chris

    Darksides 2 Trainer

    perhaps try pausing your anti virus first.
  3. chris

    Brink Trainer

    for those who cant use it or is not working, the trainer just needs an update :), am redownloading games to test the trainers as there are some members inboxed me on why the trainer isnt working.
  4. chris

    Grand Theft Auto 5 Trainer

    hey guys i do apologize for any delays. but for those who dont know. MAF is still in recovery after surgery. i do sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. :)
  5. chris

    Blacklight: Retribution & CS:GO

    hi there, to have a trainer in CS go = Suicide for a VAC ban. :) whether its offline gaming or not. :) as for blacklight retribution. its clearly a multiplayer game. unfortunately our forums do not make online game trainers :) so i'll be locking the thread :)
  6. chris

    ROBLOX Trainer Request

    hi there roblox is an online game app for the android and apple i believe. unfortunately we dont do any online / phone app games here. i've locked the thread. i do apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  7. chris

    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Trainer

    turn off your anti virus :)
  8. chris

    Frozen Hearth (Steam Version)

    issue resolved on steam. lets just leave this till MAF see's this thread. i do apologize on his behalf for any delays.
  9. chris

    trouble with download

    basically once you;ve extracted it and the trainer disappears? if thats the case its usually your anti virus/firewall blocking it
  10. chris


    hi there, h1z1 is a multiplayer game. unfortunately we dont make trainers for multiplayer :). will be locking this thread.
  11. chris

    trouble with download

    hi there, please temporarily disable your anti virus/firewall, download the trainer, unzip it. place the trainer in the exception list of your antivirus/firewall. and turn your anti virus/firewall back on, and you should be fine. :)
  12. chris

    Grand Theft Auto V(GTA V) New Release Date, First Screens and System Specs

    march is the new release date? haha im pretty sure its gonna be a new re release date again XD... hopefully intime for my new pc to get in haha
  13. chris

    This rare video game is on eBay for $100,000

    this is Cray, im pretty sure those that are bidding are gaming industries haha
  14. chris

    Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor Trainer

    1) are you using the steam version? 2) ensure you have the correct version of the trainer for the game. 3) ensure that you start the game first before starting the trainer
  15. chris

    Don't Starve Together Beta trainer please

    hey guys will be locking this thread as DST is a multiplayer game :D
  16. chris

    Dead state

    hi there, did the current trainer stop working?
  17. chris

    Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor Trainer is completely non-functional

    havent been playing games recently but is SOM and the trainer the same version? if it is please ensure that you start the game first then you start the trainer ;)
  18. chris

    Assassins Creed IV Black Flag

    hi there, we're sorry for the delay, please ensure that you follow some of these steps. 1) ensure your game version and the trainer that you are using is the same 2) pause your antivirus or put it to exception for the trainer. 3) ensure that you start the game first before you start the trainer...
  19. chris

    Help to improve

    time for an upgrade :D
  20. chris

    Pirate kings on Facebook trainer pls

    sorry buddy, the game that you're requesting for its on android :). MAF only makes trainers for PC.Request closed