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  1. roostergod

    System Shock 2 Trainer

    PLEASE UPDATE!!! None of them work at all for me
  2. roostergod

    Trine 2 trainer

    yea pls make a trainer for this game. you got all of them sep for part 2 tyvm
  3. roostergod

    Dust An Elysian Tail Trainer

    your the upgrade issue, Just turn the cheat on and upgrade ALMOST everything up to make. Make sure you leave ONE bar that you DONT put the last upgrade in. Then confirm it and then go say the game. Turn the game off and then start the game again WITHOUT the cheats, Go and upgrade that last bar...
  4. roostergod

    Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom! (REQUEST)

    +1 please do think one. AT VERY LEAST Do unlimited Health and Gold
  5. roostergod

    Dragon Spear

    Hey can you PLEASE make a trainer for Dragon Spear. A bunch of ppl requested it as well as I did. So Im trying yet again. Even if I have to donate more money. Im looking for god mode and unlimited gold and maybe if you could unlimited items and gear. If you cant get FULL god mode(unlimited...
  6. roostergod

    [Trainer Request] Touhou Luna Nights

    yea pls do this game. I REALLY like this game and I KNOW there are WAY more then just us 2 that really like it. SO PRETTY PLEASE AND ILL BE UR BEST FRIEND IF U DO!!! :)
  7. roostergod


  8. roostergod

    Fallout 4 Trainer

    Yea itll say its bad and will try to block it. Just set it to exclude it and your all set. Trust me its safe theres no need to worry. He dont make stuff you mess your pc up or anything for that matter. It just says its a virus in name. Ur perfectly safe. Also Im guessing your a lil new to...
  9. roostergod

    Fallout 4 Trainer

    why would you even make a trainer for Fallout 4?? Just you command codes and your all set and can do everything in command codes as you could with a trainer ONLY BETTER!!. Unless theres something stopping you from being able to use command codes. The EASIEST is just "tgm" Which stands for The...
  10. roostergod

    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night trainer please

    I know it JUST came out today so Ill put the first request up
  11. roostergod

    Are the mrantifun trainers free of malware?

    I been tried a ton of antivirus programs n they all say the trainers r bad, But its a false + thats all. I been messing with these trainers for years n not even ONCE have I ever had issues. N this is why I dont trust NO ONE ELSES trainers.
  12. roostergod

    [REQ] Dragon Spear

    yes please make one for dragon spear, tyvm
  13. roostergod

    [REQ]Momodora : Reverie under the moonlight

    Yeah could you PLEASE make a trainer for this game. Been wanting it for so long but thinking that it was already made i didnt say nothing. But NOW that I finally looked for it I can see that theres none for it. SSSSOOOOO PLEASE BE KIND ENOUGH TO MAKE IT FOR THIS OLD GAME!! THANKS VERY MUCH!!
  14. roostergod

    Chasm Trainer

    Only the INF health works
  15. roostergod

    Far Cry 5 Trainer

    and with that Ill keep my work and donate on the 3rd when the card gets loaded, thanks man ur awesome
  16. roostergod

    Far Cry 5 TRAINER.

    Yep I deff say I'm with everyone else is requesting for a FarCry 5 Trainer. Would be awesome if you worked your magic so well that a trainer is made by you by the end of today 3/28/2018 But I'm guessing that's REALLY pushing it to far for you. Tho here is something I will keep my word on so that...
  17. roostergod

    Blood of the Werewolf

    still nothing??
  18. roostergod

    Valdis Sory - Abyssal City v1.0.0.22

    come on please make one
  19. roostergod

    [REQ] I Am Alive

    pls make one for this game