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    Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Trainer

    agree with others .. actuiavte the trainer completly ****** up my game.. cant move anymore and i lost all my inventory (i got some epic stuff from my import old save, and now, everything is gone) -_-
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    Metro 2033 Redux Trainer

    just as info... you dont need the money cheat. all you have to do is to use an gun and put military ammo in this gun and you get infinite reload so you can get infinite military ammo = infinite money simple
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    Dragon Dogma Dark Arisen Trainer

    LOL well .... as it say .. it active the trainer without it, the trainer is not activated and didnt work. with this, you can activate and deactivate the trainer anytime, good if the trainer can make a trouble in some game by creating a bug or something, or simply if at one moment you dont want...
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    Saints Row 2 Trainer

    game si free on steam for limited time :p just get it if you not have it, its great game
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    Fallout Shelter Trainer

    just for info, for who want to use the save editor on steam version (yup, it work) you know for add lunch boxes and stuff that the trainer didnt have. here you can find the save for steam version at your "Users/AppData/Local/FalloutShelter" just hope this help a little :p
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    Fallout Shelter Trainer

    meh , for get new peoples on the vault, its even better to build the overseer desk and go in missions , but ... that work too :p ps : @MrAntiFun 1,458,802 members .... damn congrats, didnt expected that much cheaters XD
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    [REQ] Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition

    up.. i got GoG version btw
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    Fallout Shelter Trainer

    i can share you a link to an table with this option if you want, almost insta lvl 50 for dweller :P (you need to clic on dweller for make them lvl up)
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    Fallout Shelter Trainer

    i confirm
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    Sid Meier Civilization VI Trainer

    i bet you dont even know what a bitcoin miner is... dont talk if you dont know what you talking about .
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    Killing Room Trainer

    btw MaF, if you can add timing lock for the chest challenge, that will be awesome, its crazy sometime to get those chest :/ i talk about the safe we need to open before the chrono end, hope you see what i mean
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    Killing Room Trainer

    hah ! nice one ! thanks MaF
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    Sky Break Trainer

    i have no idea, how the **** peoples play this game normally... i cant even pass the 2nd mission, i cant kill dat giant robot, i never have enougth ammo can you make an infinite ammo cheat please , its unplayable for me . i dont have enougth ammo for the giant robot + all dat dog robot around...
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    Sid Meier Civilization VI Trainer

    why are you registred here if you afraid of false positive ? you will probably never download a single trainer, more if you use an shitty AV
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    Battlefield 1 Trainer

    well i guess that can be a probleme if you fall with a plane or hit an building with it.... i mean, you just fall, land and let the plane like that in middle of nowhere lol
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    Sid Meier Civilization VI Trainer

    nice trainer as always :) still i not play it alots, i very not like the cartoonish style of the game (good thing its not my own account lol i not regret to didnt have buy it)
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    7 Days To Die Trainer

    what you mean using console ? you mean the debug mode ? this thing is a rel pain to use tbh
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    Crush Crush Trainer

    no this is part of the money maker of the devs.
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    Battlefield 1 Singleplayer Trainer

    well fact is, i have never see any solo gameplay about this one, only multi is show :/
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    [REQ] feed and grow : fish

    would love an trainer for this one , pretty funny game :) game : options : - infinite health - infinite stamina - infinite money (why not) - easy xp (as like 1 fish kill give level up)