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  1. Nbmonarchy

    Update Request Kenshi (Wemod) update

    Also might as well tell ya, I really appreciate your work, thank you so much
  2. Nbmonarchy

    Update Request Kenshi (Wemod) update

    so umm my bad, placed my request in suggestions and ideas instead of here my bad. but uh yeah, it's just a small thing I really want their for the stat changer for kenshi on wemod to have the option to change ALL the stats, it's just annoying when you recruit like 30 or 40 people and constantly...
  3. Nbmonarchy

    Update to kenshi (Wemod)

    Listen Ik this is gonna make me sound incredibly lazy, but it's a really small thing is all. It would be nice to have the option on the stat changer to change ALL the stats at once instead of changing each one manually. When you recruit like 30 or 40 people changing all their individual stats...