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  1. FluffyMuffins19

    [Req] Ooblets

    Title: Ooblets --------------------------- Store Link: Cheats: • Unlimited stamina • Unlimited money • Unlimited wishes • Unlimited resources • Unlimited gummies Anything else you may want to add with it too!
  2. FluffyMuffins19

    Hitman 3 Trainer

    When I try and use it for Hitman 3 on Epic Games it says loading when I boot up the game but then it says 'play' again. Any help?
  3. FluffyMuffins19

    [REQ.] Gravewood High

    Title: Gravewood High Store Link: Cheats: Maybe cheats for teleportation and invisibility from being detected?
  4. FluffyMuffins19

    Dead Space Trainer

    Does it work on xbox game pass?
  5. FluffyMuffins19

    The Evil Within 2 Trainer

    Even when I download it, it won't let me open the zip file because it says it has a virus.
  6. FluffyMuffins19

    Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Trainer

    I'm at the part with Queen Anne's revenge and the ship I'm in keeps taking damage when I have the cheat ON. Does the infinite health for ship only apply to the one I own and not if I use an npcs ?
  7. FluffyMuffins19

    Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Trainer

    Your trainer works great but f11 the undetected cheat isn't working. Whenever I press it the window freezes and resumes without ticking it. Any help ? I only have the standalone version and am using +14 v1.06