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  1. ShadowWulfe

    Hard West Trainer

    Is this one not working with the updated version?
  2. ShadowWulfe

    Hellgate London Trainer

    Works intermittently. On changing zones it tends to tank HP and energy points. As of now I just used it to get the cash then make do otherwise. Tough game to *****.
  3. ShadowWulfe

    King's Bounty Crossworlds (Request)

    King's Bounty: Crossworlds/Armored Princess Link: Cheats: God mode Unlimited AP before move Unlimited Mana Unlimited Rage Refill Troops Levelup Runes Gold Magic runes...
  4. ShadowWulfe

    The Banner Saga Trainer

    Does not work with latest version?
  5. ShadowWulfe

    Deus Ex Trainer

    Great trainer, any way to add multitools/lockpicks and maybe energy? They're all easy to find with Cheat Engine, however, are very resistant to my efforts to scan beyond that.
  6. ShadowWulfe

    The Red Solstice Trainer

    Safe for single player or do you have to be offline?
  7. ShadowWulfe

    The Banner Saga Trainer

    Any chance for an update/option for just HP instead of all stats?
  8. ShadowWulfe

    War Wind & War Wind 2

    Bump for great justice.
  9. ShadowWulfe

    Bombshell Trainer

    Was this updated?
  10. ShadowWulfe

    Exiled Kingdoms

  11. ShadowWulfe

    The Suffering
  12. ShadowWulfe

    Star Wars Shadows of the Empire Trainer

    Was working great until the junkyard level, not sure what changed.
  13. ShadowWulfe

    [REQ] Rogue Squadron 3D

    Link: Price: $9.99USD Features: Infinite HP, Shields, Lives, Weapon energy, one hit kill. Whichever are possible, great game!
  14. ShadowWulfe

    War Wind & War Wind 2

    Title: War Wind & War Wind 2: Human Onslaught Link: https(:)//www(.)gog(.)com/game/war_wind https(:)//www(.)gog(.)com/game/war_wind_ii_human_onslaught Price: $11.98 for both Features: Preexisting cheats in game, but no infinite Unit HP. Unit HP please! Great old RTS's, really tough though.
  15. ShadowWulfe

    Lands of Lore 2 & 3

    Title: Lands of Lore 2 : Guardians of Destiny, and Lands of Lore 3 Link: https(:)//www(.)gog(.)com/game/lands_of_lore_3 and https(:)//www(.)gog(.)com/game/lands_of_lore_1_2 Price: $5.99 each Features: Money, Health, Mana Fun old RPGs. Thanks!
  16. ShadowWulfe

    Killer is Dead Trainer

    Awesome trainer, if only there was a way to lock all the missions at AAA though.
  17. ShadowWulfe

    The Last Remnant Trainer

    Unfortunately, doesn't seem to work with whatever the latest version is. Edit: My bad, it uses the "error" sound that later trainers have and I mistook that for it not working.
  18. ShadowWulfe

    Prototype Trainer

    Any way to freeze the timer to a smaller number, for say, time trial type events?
  19. ShadowWulfe


    Worked, but then trying it on anything other than the beginning just resets the entire game. Oh well.