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  1. Warrior69

    Football Tactics Trainer

    Update + money + fame (if it's possible). It will be great!!!
  2. Warrior69

    NASCAR Heat 2! (REQUEST)

    +1 Btw: is it that true or another virus page like? They state it comes from MrAntiFun!?! How could it be???
  3. Warrior69

    [REQ] Bloody Boobs

    Title: Bloody Boobs • Platform: Steam - • Product price: Free • Features: Infinite Health, Unlimited Mines, Stealth Mode Thank you in advance.
  4. Warrior69

    [REQ] 8-Bit Hordes

  5. Warrior69

    Transformers Devastation Trainer

    Thank you!!!
  6. Warrior69

    [REQ] A.I. Invasion trainer

    Sorry, I was writing (NO ENEMY FIGHTERS) but I was meaning (NO FRIENDLY FIRE) but it doesn't let me to change it in the first post.
  7. Warrior69

    [REQ] A.I. Invasion trainer

    Software: Steam - Product price: € 9,99 Features: Infinite Health (Godmode), Infinite Health for supporters, Unblock all Items (weapons, special items). It will be appreciate even ONLY the Godmode for the first character and their fighters (NO ENEMY...
  8. Warrior69

    [REQ] Warhammer 40,000: Regicide

    Trainer needed: even if I win some battles because the chess rules, it keeps telling me that I'd loose 'cause I didn't follow the main objective even if I've won in the chess.