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  1. RayEX1

    Darksiders 3! (REQUEST)

  2. RayEX1

    Star Control: Origins! (REQUEST)

    +1 add freeze time/day if this game like Star Control 2 Ur-Quan Masters and i really hope not is time is against you like few years time before game over how can i explorer the star in pace know i have limited time :( oh and add all item/Craft/build ship/mod code (or all item i can buy in a...
  3. RayEX1

    [REQ] Shadows Awakening

  4. RayEX1

    Star Traders Frontiers Trainer

    ya same here inf. fuel work i dont try inf.hull yet and money isn't working (@_@) i am not sure if unit moral work (the game don't crash when viewing soldier stats ) but if use unit health and view soldier stats the game crash :(
  5. RayEX1

    Sudden Strike 4 Trainer

    hey big boss can you update to 1.06 :D
  6. RayEX1

    Omega Quintet Trainer

    can you make max weapon Proficiency sins i don't know how to use Cheat Engine on that >_>
  7. RayEX1

    Omega Quintet

  8. RayEX1

    [REQ} Tokyo Xanadu

  9. RayEX1

    [REQ] Shock Tactics

    +1 or + is over 9000
  10. RayEX1

    Operation Abyss New Tokyo Legacy Trainer

    thanks ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚
  11. RayEX1

    Codex of Victory Trainer

    thanks for Trainer ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚
  12. RayEX1

    Codex of Victory

    first-time make this thread *not sure where to post this thread (>_<)* anyway i want to know if our lord and saviour mrantifun is making a trainer for this game? *i did google it and dont find it any at all >_>* if no can i make requests for it? Inf.Health Inf.credits and resource Inf.Items...
  13. RayEX1

    Trainer request for Reconquest

    same as abut + Instant build and the game have dune 2000 feel in it good old time :) +1
  14. RayEX1

    Ghost 1.0 Trainer

    thanks for Trainers can you make Inf.skill point for V1.0.21 or if there a way to do it use Cheat Engine?