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    Option for subscribing to a membership - or just the Patreon donations?

    oh wow didnt even know that.. thats weird because my patreon payments are through paypal im pretty sure i wonder if my payments are getting to him then
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    Option for subscribing to a membership - or just the Patreon donations?

    i think you could probably paypal him money directly i think you would just need to get some paypal information from him is all
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    Rampage Knights Trainer

    trainers on will never contain viruses they are always a false positive on this site. its a different story if you get his trainers offsite and run the risk of viruses etc
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    Problems with antivirus

    when i had this problem with avast i had to manually turn off the shields every time i ran trainers or else it would delete the trainer i used
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    Will There Be A Trainer For Monster Hunter World?

    can you play the game in "offline" mode on consoles? if so im assuming there will be a possibility to make some sort of trainer since offline would require storage on local device versus server side storage
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    I can't open a trainer

    have you tried running both the game and the trainer as administrator?
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    Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Trainer

    for me to get inf money and items i had to manually go into my inventory for them to properly spawn in at 999 and money at 10m
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    Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Trainer

    good! must have been something ive done ill try it again later :D
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    Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Trainer

    thanks maf! and thanks to fling! edit: something on my end was wrong i had to validate my files and something with EAC was missing launcher works great now! edit : still getting a black screen after following new instructions not sure what im doing wrong if i am doing anything wrong.
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    Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Trainer

    can confirm also getting a blackscreen on startup after following instructions
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    Cyberdimension Neptunia Four Goddesses Online

    because MAF has a life outside of making trainers he had a close family member who was ill then he had to move so he has a big backlog of work to do :)
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    request update divinity 2
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    you download the latest version
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    Problem with trainers

    do you have access to another computer in the place you are? if so try downloading a trainer to another PC and see if the same problem exists thats about all i can think of at the moment :(
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    Problem with trainers

    thats weird do you have windows defender? i know that caused a bunch of problems for me with MAF trainers do you have another PC you could try downloading them on to see if its PC specific?
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    Problem with trainers

    if it is downloading empty folders its your antivirus deleting them due to false positives thinking it is a trojan best bet is to turn off your AV while you download the trainer then see if the file saves if it does you will just have to disable your AV when downloading / running the trainers i...
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    [REQ] The Legend of Heroes Trial of Cold Steel II

    +1 to those features