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    Castlevania Advance Collection Trainer

    I agree to this. Please add it to WeMod, i'm a premium member there. WeMod really needs to put in a request part, because no responds on the requests here... And it takes ages. Might thinking of going to CheatHappens then...
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    Warcraft 3 reign of chaos & the frozen throne trainer request

    If you can type fast it shouldn't be a problem? First enable god mode, the rest of the cheats can be activated later imo...
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    Warcraft 3 reign of chaos & the frozen throne trainer request

    Why do you want a trainer tho you can use normal cheat codes?
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    Halo: The Master Chief Collection Trainer

    Again a new trainer available. MAF, are you sure you're not hacked? Something smells VERY fishy!
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    Removing old trainers

    Nah not really. Just delete your old bookmark if you use Chrome. Then exit the page, open up a new one, and re-add the site to your faves. After a few hours or so, it will be recognisible again!
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    WeMod available for retail copies?

    Are there still retail games on PC in stores then? Can't remember that i've seen so far. Steam is a good platform, and you save a lot of space in your house for unneeded junk!
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    Ion Fury Trainer

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    Welcome From WeMod!

    Because when these windows are opened, they don't appear as https://
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    Welcome From WeMod!

    Maybe a good idea to give the forum of WeMod and payment part some better security... As both of them are not on HTTPS://... Which is really needed if you want to let people pay with a safe connection!
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    Wolfenstein: Youngblood Trainer

    i don't know about what will happen when cheating, mostly you should keep it at single player only and leave online alone, tho it's your own risk. Especially for a new game.
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    Wolfenstein: Youngblood Trainer

    You can also play it solo, but then your partner is AI.
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    Wolfenstein: Youngblood Trainer

    Make sure only to use in the single player campaign.
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    Welcome From WeMod!

    Like i whispered MAF, i much more prefer donating a game to him, instead of a monthly subscription...
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    Welcome From WeMod!

    Or you want our private shit, so you can sue us... I'm using trainers only on single player games, because there are no cheats available, and at SOME DAY, you want to finish the game without harming anyone else in multiplayer... Doesn't mather if you're shit at a game. It does mather that most...
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    Starcraft 2 extra cheat request.

    Is it possible to do a 1 hit kill to the trainer?
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    Sniper Elite 4 Trainer

    And a reminder, first launch the game, alt+tab back to go to the trainer, launch the trainer, and tada it should work more properly!
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    Sniper Elite 4 Trainer

    Don't think so, it won't work with PIRATED shit!
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    Sniper Elite 4 Trainer

    Go to Steam, right click on the game, choose Properties, look what version you have. Go back to this website, and look for the version you need.
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    Blood Fresh Supply Trainer

    Thank you! It works perfectly!!!
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    [REQ] Epido

    Platform: Steam Link: Price: €1,59 Cheats: God Mode and or 1 hit kill. Thanks, really looking forward to it!