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    Men of War Assault Squad 2 Trainer

    update pls!
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    Factorio Trainer

    Can you add unlimited electricity?
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    Sniper Elite 3 Trainer

    update please, none of the options activate except the anti cheat. The others just have the bing sound.
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    Factorio Trainer

    Update please.
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    Software Inc Trainer

    7.3 came out update trainer please.
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    Victory At Sea Trainer

    I get the windows beep sound and nothing happens I have downloaded the trainer again and it doesn't do anything. It worked yesterday when I first downloaded it. My anti virus is off when I used the trainer.
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    Just Cause 3 Trainer

    God Mode kills me when I fast travel or anything that required a loading screen. Rico is dead but the game thinks that he is still alive and prevents me from accessing any menu so I can quit the game. If I'm quick enough and turn off god mode before the game loads then I'm fine but it gets...
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    Victory At Sea Trainer

    update for 1.2.2 pls!
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    Grey Goo

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    Papers, Please v1.1.65-S

    can you make a trainer please?!
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    Mount And Blade Warband Trainer

    Update please!
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    Craft The World Trainer

    On the 0.9.037 it says +5 in the trainer there are only 4 options, just to let you know. Is it possible for you to add unlimited gold?