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    east india company designer's cut Steam V 1.12

    Can you add trainer for East India Company Designer Cuts? ship godmode infinite money infinite ammo
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    War on the Sea Trainer

    can you add more cheat like unlimited ammo and torpedo,unlimited aircraft health,rapid gun fire,accurate fire solution,super speed ship,unlimited aircraft bomb and machine gun,accurate anti aircraft fire,easy detected enemy,one hit kill
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    War on the sea

    +1 please(God Mode,Unlimited Ship Ammo,Always Accurate fire,Rapid Fire,Aircraft God Mode)
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    atlantic fleet

    me too +1
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    [REQ] Atlantic Fleet on Steam

    mrantifun can you make trainer for atlantic fleet (godmode,high bullet damage,accurate firing,unlimited renown,unlimited turns,unlimited ammo,rapid fire,unlimited airstrike, instant win battle,unlimited torpedo and anything else you personally want to add...
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    Cold Waters Trainer

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    Silent Hunter 5 Battle of the Atlantic Trainer

    thanks mrantifun...