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    Rollercoaster tycoon Classic (Request) +Money +Finish scenario + Train arrives (heaps of peeps arrive) Just like the trainers from the original days :)
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    TheHunter Call of the Wild Trainer

    Any Chance we can have a way to unlock all weapons? cheers :)
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    Planet Coaster BETA

    Was released 09/11/2016 currently in BETA stage and will be Released in full on the 17th November 2016 The Current BETA have a career mode ect in it, so cheats like add Cash, fast reasearch ect would be great :)
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    Demolish and Build Company 2017

    +1 on this bad boy too please
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    Fallout 4 Trainer

    +1 on the updated trainer :)
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    RollerCoaster Tycoon World Trainer

    The Game has been updated, Does this trainer still work??
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    Mad Games Tycoon Trainer

    please update :)
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    Dirt Rally

    Money please lol time would be nice also :)
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    Emergency 2016 Trainer

    Version 2.0.2 just came out, keen for the update is it dosnt work and hopefully more options !!!
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    World In Conflict Soviet Assault Trainer

    i know its old, but can we get a steam version ?? :)
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    Mad Games Tycoon Trainer

    does the 722, work with 723A?
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    Dirt Rally

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    Mad Games Tycoon Trainer

    on 0.150619 is out now :(
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    Mad Games Tycoon Trainer

    i cant seem to get any of the trainers to work, all i ever get out of F1 F2 F3 are menues popping up. it may be because i have 0.150616A, im not sure,