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  1. doudomida

    Black & White 2 Trainer

    Its not on steam and is a game you have to buy A trainer for this would be awesome :D
  2. doudomida

    Majesty 2 Collection

    Steam URL: Application Type: Pay Features: Add $1000, Invulnerable Buildings, Invulnerable Heroes. Note: On start up of game there is 3 options from which expansion to choose, Monster Kingdom is the latest. Please and Thankyou :oops:
  3. doudomida

    Darkwood Trainer

    a clock would be nice if at all possible, and an inf item cheat
  4. doudomida

    Dark Souls Prepare to Die Trainer

    Ive also found this happens with alot of certain npcs in the game, like in darkroot garden when you have to fight the representations of each class (pretty much any unique enemy you have to fight that isnt a boss battle)
  5. doudomida

    Dark Souls Prepare to Die Trainer

    so anyone else having an issue where none of the options in the trainer refill soul arrows (or i guess just magic attacks in general). Like ive activated them all and gone into my inventory screen, ive tried deactivating then reactivating these and yet i still run out of soul arrows. halp plz...
  6. doudomida

    Shelter 2 Trainer

    thanks for the trainer :)
  7. doudomida

    Sanctum 2 Road to Elysion trainer

    would also like an updated working version of this plz :)
  8. doudomida

    Savage Lands Trainer

    amazing, thanks so much :)
  9. doudomida

    [REQ] Shelter 2

    Subject: [REQ] Shelter 2 Steam URL: Application Type: Paid Features: Infinite health, infinite sprint, cubs wont die Thanks, dont think i can handle another cub dying on me :,(
  10. doudomida

    Savage Lands

    i agree with this, game is ridiculously hard when playing alone. Also an infinite health/cold(warmth)/hunger would be great as well as an infinite item option if its possible and infinite weapon durability. thanks :)