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  1. ->zmm<-whyme

    [REQ]Payday 2 v1.8.1 - update 26.1

    notice, payday 2 trainers work on lua, which they already super blocked so its hard to do
  2. ->zmm<-whyme

    call of duty black ops 2(single player campaign only)

    we cant make a trainer for any COD games, they will constantly monitor your game with VAC, TAC , AAC, ( valve anti cheat , treyarch anti cheat , activision anti cheat ) so it would ban you
  3. ->zmm<-whyme

    Might & Magic X Legacy Trainer

    maybe the game version changed or you downloaded trainer wrong version?
  4. ->zmm<-whyme

    Assassin's Creed Movie =D

    this better have quickscoping or i won't watch
  5. ->zmm<-whyme

    Just something to the folks who make the trainers...

    there is no crew, only MrAntiFun makes trainers here :D
  6. ->zmm<-whyme

    [REQ]Payday 2 v1.8.1 - update 26.1

    this isn't possible , no trainers for multiplayer games.... go use the local hack forums and get a hack and get a chance to get a ban!
  7. ->zmm<-whyme

    Forsaken Fortress Beta 4

    hmm this game is hard to acquire might take a while
  8. ->zmm<-whyme

    Total War ROME II Trainer

    if you have a steam account , check my profile and add me on steam so i can provide some help
  9. ->zmm<-whyme

    Total War ROME II Trainer

    i could help through teamviewer if you like
  10. ->zmm<-whyme

    Red Orchestra 2 Heroes Of Stalingrad

    I dont think this is possible since its a multiplayer game and you will get a VAC ban from heroes of stalingrad , red orchestra 41-45 , rising storm