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  1. Mrdante

    [REQ] Space Company Simulator

    Store Link: Cheats Requests: Inf Money, Production points, PR points, HR Points, Science Points, Financial Points. Optional: All Stats: High on every manager.
  2. Mrdante

    [REQ] Swat 4

  3. Mrdante

    Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Trainer

    this game got updated, trainer don't work
  4. Mrdante

    [Req] Game Dev Studio

    small indie game here similar to game dev tycoon and mad gamez tycoon. requesting cheats -inf attribute points -exp multiplier -inf money
  5. Mrdante

    Oxygen Not Included Trainer

    update please. AU-217565
  6. Mrdante

    Cheat Engine is under attack by Copyright Infringement.

    true but it's unsaved work, some of the cheats we make don't get saved like god mode for example or unlimited carry capacity for ships. Edit: Cheat Engine is under attack again by DDoS (6:37 PM EST 3/2/2017). Website is down for 24 hours.
  7. Mrdante

    Torment Tides of Numenera Trainer

    Please update this.
  8. Mrdante

    Cheat Engine is under attack by Copyright Infringement.

    Did you also got a copyright infringement notice? With the reason "everything on"?
  9. Mrdante

    Cheat Engine is under attack by Copyright Infringement. The story so far is that Cheat Engine was down for a few days due to Iweb suffering from DDoS attacks, and recently during those DDoS's, someone sent a copyright infringement noticed to DarkByte, owner of the site of Cheat Engine... The link...
  10. Mrdante

    Starpoint Gemini Warlords Trainer

    Inf Hull activates but can't tell if it's working, none of the other cheats are working, please update ASAP.
  11. Mrdante

    Shoppe Keep Trainer

    wow everywhere I go, there is a lack of an updated table/trainer.... Update please?
  12. Mrdante

    Youtubers Life Trainer

    update to 1.0 please!
  13. Mrdante

    Sid Meier Civilization VI Trainer

    I've built a second city and noticed that my fast production cheat does not work on the 2nd city. Fast production also tends to autocomplete the infinite projects as well which I think it should not happen. I wish for a god mod, fast promotion, and unlimited moves as well.
  14. Mrdante

    Styx Master of Shadows Trainer

    update please
  15. Mrdante

    Tropico 5 Trainer

    please update?
  16. Mrdante

    Fragmented Trainer

    This trainer needs an update bad, A new update has appeared, and infinite stamina no longer works, and unlimited health affects other creatures. Food and Water still works.
  17. Mrdante

    Crea Trainer

    he's been on a bug squatching spree.
  18. Mrdante

    Crea Trainer

    I would like to also have 0 chaos on the chaos screen too... I need it to get all the high quality.
  19. Mrdante

    Grey Goo: Definitive Edition

    I've picked up this game on the E3 Humble Bundle and noticed that none of the trainers or tables in many of the websites are not up to date. So I made this topic to bring awareness and hopefully get a table up to date. Cheats that I want is the one that still exist in the trainers. I need that...
  20. Mrdante

    Grey Goo Trainer

    bump again, I want a definitive edition working trainer.