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    Paint The Town Red Trainer

    can you add 0.7.2 please?
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    Particle Fleet Emergence Trainer

    it doesn't work, only the amp gems work, i can activate infinite health too but nothing changes, if i try and activate super weapons and inf energy the trainer crashes
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    Youtubers Life Trainer

    ok i have good news, i found out how to use the relation cheat, First you activate it and THEN open the contacts menu and THEN you can see that the relationship bar on your friends is maxed out, and it will stay maxed even if you befriend him/her more, by that i mean if you maxed out a blue...
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    Youtubers Life Trainer

    Works really great! but can you tell me what you mean by opening the contact and THEN activating the relation cheat? do you mean like, opening the contactS menu or view someone's profile and THEN activate the cheat?
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    Sanctum 2 Road to Elysion trainer

    i got a free version of sanctum from ocean of games but the trainer wont work. i hear the ping noises when i press F1-F4 but none of the box checked. please update
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    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trainer

    thanks so much theres no virus or survey. or password anyways thanks